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Selecting the right CX software for your business is quite a task. With so many options available in the market and different …


EVI® is a CX metric designed to measure customers’ emotional experience with the brand. It is a KPI that helps you track, …

Recording now available! >> Enjoy your free recording here Join our chat with Jaakko Männistö and use a chance to ask any …


If you are in the retail business, you would have access to a lot of customer feedback as you interact directly with …


You might be familiar with the benefits of collecting customer feedback and how to do it using numerous channels and KPI surveys. …

Women jump

Lately, there’s a lot of priority given to customer emotions in the field of customer experience. Brands that are in the know …


How many impulsive purchases can you recount as a customer? What led you to buy those goods that you didn’t intend to …

Black Friday sales

Black Friday is known for one-time purchases. Join this webinar to learn how to turn your one-time buyers into loyal customers!  Black …

CX Academy course

From influencing impulsive purchases to building loyalty, CX can be a transformative strategy for your brand’s success. But, reaping the full benefits …

Analyzing data

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a CX metric designed to measure customer loyalty through their likeliness to promote the business to others. …

Measuring customer experience KPIs

Customers love to do business with companies that offer them a happy, rewarding, and effortless experience. Brands that provide a phenomenal customer …

Purchase payment

For a business, there’s nothing more eye-candy than seeing customers flock to your store, admire your products, and go back with their …


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Free eBook: Emotional Value Index (EVI®) - The next big thing in CX since the NPS
Free eBook

EVI® – The Next Big Thing in CX Since the NPS

All you need to know about how to measure and use Emotional Value Index (EVI®) to grow your business.

Future CX Outlook Report

Global research

Future CX Outlook Report

An extensive report analyzing where the CX market is headed and how top CX pros and companies are putting their customers at the center of their strategy in the future.

Customer Journey Map Template

Free template

Customer Journey Map Template

Build your customer journey map with this Excel template. Just fill in the missing cells with your data and start monitoring your touchpoints. Simple as that.

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