Free Webinar: What Actions are CX Top Performers Taking to Succeed in 2024

Free Webinar: What Actions are CX Top Performers Taking to Succeed in 2024

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Join us to learn what top performers in Customer Experience do differently that sets them ahead of the competition.

Ever wondered what sets top performers in Customer Experience (CX) apart? So did we! Feedbackly helped to conduct the Future CX Outlook Research across various industries and company sizes globally. It’s time to reveal the insights.

The research not only maps out the future direction of the CX industry but also provides highly valuable insights into how CX programs vary across different industries in terms of budget, data collection, data usage, and much more. Would you like to know how top performers put their customers at the heart of their strategy and stay ahead of the competition?

Join the CXforum webinar on May 29 when Feedbackly’s Jaakko Männistö, a globally awarded CX professional and a co-founder of CXforum, reveals what makes front-runners stay ahead in CX, and how you can do it, too.

At this webinar, you will learn:

  • Everything about CX budgets: How large they are, how they are allocated, and the current trends.
  • Leadership in CX programs: Who leads them and how this ownership impacts results
  • Challenges and Opportunities: What are the main challenges and opportunities in CX today that you should be aware of
  • Industry Trends: What trends industry leaders in CX are investing in right now

Learn more and save your free seat here:

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