The next big thing in CX since the NPS - Emotional Value Index (EVI®)

The Emotional Value Index (EVI®) is the only standardized way of measuring Emotional Experience in a commercial environment. And Feedbackly is specialized in it!

Emotional Value Index (EVI) survey

The power of emotions

Emotions impact our purchasing decisions

Consumers report comparing multiple competing brands and price points when evaluating a purchasing decision, research indicates that this is not actually the case.” – Harvard professor Gerald Zaltman

Emotion is what really drives purchasing behaviors, and also, decision-making in general.


percent of purchasing decisions are emotion-based.

Research shows

Today, 90% of companies measure 10% of what matters

Most businesses are still measuring customer experiences as they did in the 1970s, while innovative and forward-thinking organizations measure customers’ emotional experiences. The world has changed – have you?

CX history - from CSAT and NPS to EVI

What is EVI®

Emotional Value Index (EVI®)
in a nutshell

CSAT, CES, and NPS are good, but they are not enough in many cases. Emotions go beyond the willingness to promote and recommend as well as the ease of use or doing business. EVI® gives deep insight into what actually makes your customers recommend, purchase or churn.

EVI® is a KPI for measuring customers' emotions

The EVI® circular-form survey allows you to measure a range of emotions with greater insight than traditional, linear surveys. The nine emotions to the wheel are selected carefully based on extensive research in collaboration with industry-leading businesses.

Emotional Value Index (EVI) survey

Get numeric comparable data to analyze customer emotions

In the EVI® Survey Analytics, you can analyze the emotions customers feel separately, get a simplified overview with Emotional Value Clusters or use a universal comparable EVI® number that gives you valuable insight in a blink of an eye.

EVI Emotional Value Clusters

The best KPI for analyzing the performance of the entire customer journey

EVI® can be measured at pre-purchase as well as at post-purchase journey stages allowing you to get the most accurate overview of your entire journey.

Real-time Customer Journey Analytics

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What does EVI show you?

EVI® shows if you are driving growth or churn

The EVI® value is always between -100 and +100. This value shows you if your business is evoking emotions that are driving your growth or if are you blocking it.

EVI® = +100

You are evoking only emotions that drive your strategy and growth (more sales).

EVI® = -100

You are evoking only emotions that go against your strategy and create churn.

The bigger your EVI®, the better you support your growth goals. Simple as that.

Why you should measure EVI®

The numbers speak for themselves


correlation between EVI® and sales via basket size and conversion rates


bigger growth in loyalty and customer retention compared to NPS

EVI® strongly correlates with purchase behavior and customer spending – by optimizing EVI®, you are optimizing the growth in your sales.

Free eBook: Emotional Value Index (EVI®) - The next big thing in CX since the NPS

All you need to know about EVI® in one comprehensive ebook

What is EVI® and why it is important, how to measure and how to calculate EVI®, what you can learn from EVI®, and more.


“Thanks to Feedbackly and the EVI® methodology, we have been able to identify what makes our eCommerce store visitors convert to customers. Web store pre-purchase EVI® score and website conversion rate go hand in hand. This is simply powerful.”

– Sara Toivakainen, Chief Customer Experience Officer

Stockmann flagship department store
Trusted by leading businesses worldwide

Learn more about Emotional Experience and EVI®

Free eBook: Emotional Value Index (EVI®) - The next big thing in CX since the NPS
Free eBook

EVI® – The Next Big Thing in CX Since the NPS

All you need to know about how to measure and use Emotional Value Index (EVI®) to grow your business.

Emotional Experience (EVI) survey and analytics

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What's After NPS? Emotional Experience Is Dominating The CX Market

Minna Killström and Jaakko Männistö talk about what is Emotional Experience, how it impacts business revenue, and how you can measure and manage it.

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Fireside Chat With Stockmann: Emotional Experience – What, How, Why

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