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Customer journey mapping

Customer behavior is a complex phenomenon that evolves continuously. While it’s difficult to fit it within a framework, understanding your customers and …

A message to our customers

Feedbackly began with a mission to help businesses truly understand their customers and improve their experiences through valuable customer feedback. We’ve turned …

CX software

Have you ever wondered why Feedbackly is so popular? Well, it’s no surprise, given that we have cultivated a reputation for being …

Launching a customer feedback survey

We are in the last steps of preparing for the big Feedbackly survey tool update. Feedbackly is known for listening to its …

Net Promoter Score

It is costlier to attract a new customer than to retain an existing one. This much has been clear for those of …

Happy emojis

CSAT is a very popular metric used by small and big brands because of its simplicity and ease of implementation. It can …

Email survey

Email surveys are one of the oldest and most popular methods of data collection. Most people use email for their day-to-day professional …

Free webinar: Expert Tips for Using Customer Emotion Data in Improving Business Results

  At this CXforum webinar, Jaakko from Feedbackly will show practical examples of how to use customer emotion data in action-taking to …

Emotional experience impacts business results

Why do customers choose one brand over the other when both offer similar products in quality and price? Why do customers cling …

Top 4 CX KPIs

Customer Experience (CX) is important for your brand’s growth, and it’s only gaining more momentum every year. Unarguably, a good CX program …

Alternative for CSAT

Customer satisfaction is a paramount factor for the success of a business. After all, you can only thrive in the market as …

Customer journey

Startup brands are always keen on learning how to attract and retain customers. While there’s no one-size fits model to keep customers …


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Free eBook: Emotional Value Index (EVI®) - The next big thing in CX since the NPS
Free eBook

EVI® – The Next Big Thing in CX Since the NPS

All you need to know about how to measure and use Emotional Value Index (EVI®) to grow your business.

Future CX Outlook Report

Global research

Future CX Outlook Report

An extensive report analyzing where the CX market is headed and how top CX pros and companies are putting their customers at the center of their strategy in the future.

Customer Journey Map Template

Free template

Customer Journey Map Template

Build your customer journey map with this Excel template. Just fill in the missing cells with your data and start monitoring your touchpoints. Simple as that.

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