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We are constantly looking for ambitious people who want to change the world at a large scale for our customers so that they can grow and prosper. If that personates with you, please submit an application!

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As an organization, teamwork comes first. The best teams are built by responsible individuals. In practice, this means that in our company, everyone has their own area of responsibility and the trust that all team members will do their part. Expectations are high – but provide all employees with everything they need to learn and perform at their best.


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What is Feedbackly

Feedbackly is the only CXM solution that measures customer emotions

Get all you need to understand the reasons behind your customer behavior, emotions, and find out what really drives your sales – engaging surveys, KPIs from NPS to EVI®, customer journey analytics, root-cause analysis, and more.

Emotional Experience survey (EVI survey and score)

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Feedbackly is a family. But unlike traditional families, we get to decide who joins!

Tech focus

We are a software company first and foremost. We focus on automation and efficiency.


Unlimited snacks beverages and remote working options to increase your productivity.

Our vision

We want to create a world where CX is at the core of every company’s growth strategy and to become the fastest growing and most customer-centric analytics company.

We are helping companies so that they can achieve sustained, long term growth.

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