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90 M

CX data collected

3K +

Happy users

200K +

Surveys published


“EVI® combined with open feedback gives significantly more accurate information about customer behavior. Now we can see what emotions customers feel and why they feel so. This is at the core of everything else.”
Sara Toivakainen
CCO @ Stockmann


“Our revenue has grown well month-to-month and among other changes, also improved CX has had an impact on attracting and converting more customers.” logo
Hanna Sairinen


"A positive emotional experience is reflected in our turnover. We have noticed that if customers experience joy or trust while shopping, the likelihood of a purchase decision is 40 percent higher than when they feel irritation or sadness."
Outi Marttinen
Marketing Manager @ Kekäle


"With Feedbackly, we have been able to set and monitor new KPIs, take new actions and improve our service and customer attention at the branch level."
Banregio logo
José Enrique Treviño Cervantes
Innovation Directore @ Banregio

Public sector

With up to 1400 survey responses per week in Finnish, Swedish, and English, the City of Helsinki is able to see what locals and tourists are saying about the city museums.
The City of Helsinki


"Feedbackly has helped us to detect any problem related to the checkout process. Now we can react immediately."
Chedraui logo
Alejandro Dominguez
eCommerce Analyst @ Chedraui


Within 24 hours of starting Feedbackly, GNP received a customer feedback response rate of 12%.
"With Feedbackly, we can reach customers in multiple channels."
GNP lgo
Elias Ferrer
CRM Chief @ GNP


“With Feedbackly we are not only able to gather feedback but really improve customer satisfaction which leads to operational efficiencies and growing sales in all channels.”
XXL logo
Toni Stigzelius
Country Director @ XXL


“Feedbackly makes possible customer-centric online store development. Thanks to the consequent following of customer feedback, we have been able to understand how to improve the user experience of our online store so that it would serve our customers better every day.”
Peten Koiratarvike & Vetzoo logo
Venla Siltanen
Marketing Specialist @ Peten Koiratarvike & Vetzoo
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After 12 months, on average our customers achieve:


more customer feedback


increase in customer satisfaction


More new customers


higher net retention rate

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