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Kiasma is a contemporary art museum located in Helsinki, Finland. Kiasma is part of the Finnish National Gallery. One of the leading museums of contemporary art in the Nordic region, Kiasma chose Feedbackly to measure the overall customer experience of visits to the museum.

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Mico New Zealand Limited

Mico is New Zealand’s leading supplier of plumbing and bathroom products, and has been supplying a wide range of quality products to the plumbing industry for over 70 years. We have been working together with Mico to help them build their customer experience strategy – helping them to increase their sales and reduce customer churn.

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Banregio is a regional bank which serves mainly small and medium sized businesses. They employ over 3,000 employees nationally and are quickly becoming one of the leading banks for entrepreneurs and SMEs in Mexico.

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Suomen Henkilöstötalo

Suomen Henkilöstötalo is a Finnish recruitment agency that offers services to both employers and employees. The company was founded in 2008 and today they operate across Finland with offices in Turku, Helsinki, and Tampere. Since day one with Feedbackly, Suomen Henkilöstötalo has used surveys to collect customer feedback from multiple channels.

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Chedruai started its life as a family-run haberdashery store in Xalapa, Mexico. Founded in 1927, Chedraui has developed and grown exponentially from its humble roots in Veracruz to become the third largest retailer in Mexico. With over 35,000 employees across 318 stores, they are undoubtedly one of Mexico’s most innovative retail and eCommerce companies.

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GNP Seguros

GNP is the biggest insurance company in Mexico, offering services ranging from life insurance, to car, home and medical insurance. Founded in 1901 in the heart of Mexico City, GNP has always been committed to the welfare of their customers and the people of Mexico. Within 24 hours of starting with Feedbackly, GNP received a customer feedback response rate of 12%.

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Flying Tiger Copenhagen

Tiger is a Danish design store that was founded in 1995. It has nearly 600 shops in 27 countries. Tiger provides a fun shopping experience and Feedbackly helps them provide it in the future as well. Joacim Hallberg, Tiger’s marketing coordinator in Finland, gave a more detailed description of their experiences with Feedbackly in our interview.

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Object Clothing

Retail companies face their customers in multiple different channels daily and there rises a challenge of how to optimize customer experiences in all of them. Here is an example of one channel from a very popular fashion brand. Objects style demonstrated quality, creativity, and high value in use. In addition to their E-commerce, Object has 750 stores in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Feedbackly has a vital part ensuring successful customer visit at Object.

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XXL Sport & Villmark

XXL is a leading and fastest growing Nordic sports retailer with stores and e-commerce in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. XXL pursues a broad customer appeal, offering a “one-stop- shop” experience with a wide range of products for sports, hunting, skiing, biking and other outdoor activities. XXL’s concept is to have the largest stores with the lowest prices and the widest assortment of products, focusing on branded goods.

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Unisport has been using Feedbackly kiosks in all of their 5 locations to collect customer feedback at the point of sale. In addition, they have implemented Feedbackly on their online channels to gain critical insight about their customer experience across the board.

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