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“With Feedbackly we have been able to set and monitor new KPIs, take new actions, and improve our service and customer attention at the branch level.”

– José Enrique Treviño Cervantes @ Innovation Director @ Banregio



Company background

Banregio first started operations in Monterrey, Mexico in 1994. Formed by a group of banking experts with a vast range of experience in the industry, they set out to become leaders in the financial sector focusing mainly on the needs of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). BanRegio is growing fast, with over 3,000 employees nationally, and having acquired Autosummit and GE Capital in recent years they are quickly becoming one of the leading banks for Entrepreneurs and SMEs in Mexico.

Main challenges

BanRegio realized that to set themselves apart from other banks in their sector, they would need to focus heavily on their customers and create an industry-leading customer experience, starting with their branches. They aimed to set KPIs for each branch that were measurable and would allow management to monitor customer feedback throughout the entire customer journey in real time at the branch level. However, without the help of customer feedback software like Feedbackly, it would have been very difficult to set and manage KPIs as the results would be very difficult to track.

As BanRegio did not have a multichannel customer survey system in place at the time, gathering data became quite challenging and response rates were too low to define any actionable results. With very little feedback and no way to properly analyze the results, the management was faced with the challenge of designing new processes to improve customer experience but with very little valid data to base those decisions upon.

Why Feedbackly?

As Feedbackly has a multichannel approach to gathering customer feedback and allows its users to analyze data throughout the entire customer journey from one easy dashboard, it was the perfect tool to help BanRegio set and manage actionable customer KPIs for their management teams. With an easy-to-use interface and incentives for customers to leave feedback, BanRegio saw the potential to raise its response rates and gather more real-time data that could be used to improve processes and help them develop a world-class customer experience for their customers.


Since working with Feedbackly, BanRegio has seen its response rates increase quickly across all of its customer touchpoints, providing them with more accurate, up-to-date information. They have set up successful branch feedback terminals, SMS, and email survey channels with a much higher response rate of 12%. This has given them a far broader range of responses to better understand their customer base as a whole.

“With Feedbackly we have been able to set and monitor new KPIs (measuring every step of our Customer Journey Map), take new actions, and improve our service and customer attention at branches level”

José Enrique Treviño Cervantes, Innovation Director @ Banregio

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