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“Feedbackly has helped us to detect any problem related to the checkout process. now we can react immediately.”

– Alejandro Dominguez, eCommerce Analyst @ Chedraui



Company background

Chedruai started its life as a family-run haberdashery store in Xalapa, Mexico. Founded in 1927, Chedraui has developed and grown exponentially from its humble roots in Veracruz to become the third largest retailer in Mexico. With over 35,000 employees across 318 stores, they have undoubtedly one of Mexico’s most innovative retail and eCommerce companies. The company’s operations are not simply limited to the fast-growing market of Mexican retail, however. Chedraui also operates in the United States under the name ‘El Super’ with over 50 stores nationally and is fast becoming an important player in the US market.

Main challenges

With the rise in internet shopping and the emergence of eCommerce sites over the last two decades, companies internationally have struggled to maintain consistent levels of customer experience between both online and in-store services. Similarly to other major players in the eCommerce global market, Chedraui struggled to get feedback on its online services and had difficulty identifying customer issues in real time.

Customer Journey Mapping had also become a major company focus in recent years, however without the help of Feedbackly, it became almost impossible to track the activities and experiences of customers across all touchpoints along the customer journey. This left uncertainties as to which teams were responsible for each section of the customer journey and gaps began to appear in decision-making and process development for their eCommerce journey.

Why Feedbackly?

Having realized that traditional customer satisfaction monitoring methods may not help to retain loyal customers in the long term, Chedraui decided to work with Feedbackly to combat the challenges of eCommerce platforms and customer journey mapping. Feedbackly’s unique multichannel customer survey and analysis capabilities were the best solution to Chedraui’s customer experience management issues and have proven to be a successful pairing for the company.


With the help of Feedbackly, Chedraui is now able to measure the experience of every customer to ensure that any issues are noted and dealt with quickly.

“Feedbackly has helped us to detect any problem related to the checkout process. Now we can react immediately”

– Alejandro Dominguez, eCommerce Analyst @ Chedraui

From a long-term customer experience development perspective, they are now also able to monitor and analyze each step of the customer journey to better understand the activities of their customers across all touchpoints of their eCommerce platform. With this capability, they can now review each step of the journey in real-time and make changes when they count, while continuously looking towards the future to create the best possible experience for their customers in the modern world of eCommerce.

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