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Within 24 hours of starting with Feedbackly, GNP received a customer feedback response rate of 12%.  

“…we can communicate directly with our customers and track the customer’s feedback history to set customer KPI”s.”

– Elias Ferrer, CRM Chief @ GNP

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Company background

GNP is the biggest insurance company in Mexico, offering services ranging from life insurance to car, home, and medical insurance. Founded in 1901 in the heart of Mexico City, GNP has always been committed to the welfare of its customers and the people of Mexico. Providing the best possible service to their customers has always been the main goal of the company and is the driving force behind their decision to use Feedbackly.

Main challenges

With so many touchpoints for customers to interact with the company, gathering consistent, relevant, and up-to-date feedback had been the biggest challenge for GNP. Having used multiple tools to gather customer feedback at each touchpoint, information was often ‘out of date or irrelevant by the time it was organized into one database, which made it difficult for management to make changes that would meet customers’ needs.

Response rates were also quite low in the past, which naturally affected employee confidence in the relevance of customer feedback and meant that process updates were often made based on assumptions rather than actual customer data.

Why Feedbackly?

To maintain and build upon the quality of customer service that they already provide, GNP wanted to be able to listen to their customers directly, monitor their feedback regularly, and analyze these results in real-time across a multitude of touchpoints. They decided that Feedbackly’s multichannel customer survey solution would be the best fit for their needs and would help to develop an industry-leading customer experience.

“Feedbackly has great flexibility to interact with customers through multiple channels. This is helpful to reach customers in different touch points of the service, anytime/anywhere – in real-time”

Jaime Paredes, CRM Analyst @ GNP

Another reason why GNP chose Feedbackly as their feedback solution is that as a company Feedbackly is dedicated to making changes that truly benefit our customers. The recent introduction of our new Feedback Inbox feature has proven to be invaluable to GNP and has helped to generate more accurate customer KPIs.

“With Feedbackly Inbox we can communicate directly with our customers and track the customer’s feedback history to set Customer KPIs. This enables us to improve our Customer Service and retain customers that have experienced bad service and make them: satisfied and loyal”

Elías Ferrer, CRM Chief @ GNP


Within 24 hours of starting with Feedbackly, GNP received a customer feedback response rate of 12%, which was far greater than any previous results. Since then they have increased their response rates by an average of 20% and subsequently have been able to gather enough feedback to help managers make meaningful changes to their processes, which in turn has directly improved the overall experience for GNP customers in Mexico.

“We are surprised with the amount of feedback that we’ve been receiving since we launched the first email surveys. On the first day, we had a response rate of 12% which was never seen before”

CRM Team @ GNP

With customer experience placed firmly at the center of GNP decision-making, employee confidence in customer feedback has risen and process development decisions are now more accurate and retain higher levels of ROI.

“Now it is possible to check and measure how our services are performing and set new goals to provide the best customer experience”

Angelica Vidal, CRM Manager @ GNP

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