“Thanks to Feedbackly and the EVI® methodology, we have been able to identify what makes our eCommerce store visitors convert to customers. Web store pre-purchase EVI® score and website conversion rate go hand in hand. This is simply powerful.”

Sara Toivakainen, Chief Customer Experience Officer

Stockmann flagship department store

Company background

Stockmann is one of the biggest retailers in Finland, offering a diverse and high-quality selection of fashion, beauty, food & beverages, and home products for a wonderful everyday life. In addition to Finland, you can find the iconic Stockmann stores in the Baltics. In total, Stockmann Group, including Stockmann and Lindex branches, owns about 460 stores and has operations in 19 countries.

Stockmann is a well-known brand for its customer loyalty. One of the main triggers for motivating consumers to return for new purchases is building an emotional bridge between the brand and consumers. For businesses providing products and services B2C, a strong emotional connection between customers and the brand is the key, and Stockmann knows it.

“Emotional Experience is crucial for Stockmann. As a retailer, we are in a business where emotions drive purchase decisions heavily. We need to build a strong emotional connection with our customers to build strong brand loyalty, motivate people to buy from us and return for more.”

– Sara Toivakainen @ Stockmann

Today, Emotional Experience belongs to their business strategy. Having set ‘A feeling that lasts’ as their brand promise, Emotional Experience is at the heart of everything they do. Stockmann has become an Emotional Experience superstar business that knows which products and services they need to provide to evoke correct emotions.

“Our continuous business growth is a result of many nuances, but the numbers show us that focusing on providing a better Emotional  Experience has also had a positive impact on our revenue and business growth.”

– Sara Toivakainen @ Stockmann

Main challenges

Before our journey with Stockmann started, they faced challenges that today many of the B2C businesses with big visions are struggling with:

  • Missing trustworthy tools for measuring the emotional state of their customers

  • Lack of internal understanding about great Emotional Experience and commitment to providing it

  • The traditional Customer Experience KPIs did not give accurate enough insight into what motivates people to return and what makes them leave

“We had measured NPS and CSAT for years, but we struggled with getting valuable insight for decision-making. We needed a much deeper understanding of our customers to make decisions that have an impact on the behavior of our customers.”

– Sara Toivakainen @ Stockmann


To be able to measure the progress toward their strategic Emotional Experience goals, Stockmann needed a solution that could measure human emotions and provide the support needed for bringing the Emotional Experience of their customers to the heart of the entire company, to the hearts of all employees at any level or position.

” I like the cooperativeness and open-mindedness of the Feedbackly team. They have always listened to our needs and we work together as partners to solve any questions we have. Even the solution for measuring the Emotional Experience of our customers was created together so that it could fit perfectly our needs.

– Sara Toivakainen @ Stockmann

Trustworthy tools for measuring customers' emotions

Emotions can create more sales or evoke recommendations, but they can also make customers churn. With the help of Feedbackly, Stockmann can now measure any positive or negative emotions that their business evokes in their customers with one simple and beautiful question – the Emotional Value Index (EVI®) question. Furthermore, the EVI® question combined with open feedback and touchpoint-specific questions is where the gold is hidden.

“EVI® combined with open feedback gives significantly more accurate information about customer behavior. Our customer feedback is no more only about recommendations or satisfaction. Now we can see what emotions customers feel and why they feel so. This is at the core of everything else.”

– Sara Toivakainen @ Stockmann

Stockmann Emotional Experience (EVI) survey

Overview of Emotional Experience across the entire Customer Journey

Stockmann collects customer feedback from different touchpoints across the entire customer journey – eCommerce store pre-purchase surveys as well as post-purchase surveys, customer support, post-purchase survey after a purchase in a brick-and-mortar store, MyStockmann Magazine, and more.

“Our feedback surveys are short, including mostly only 3-4 questions, and they are placed as part of purchasing journeys of our customers. They are designed to be launched at the correct time and place so that our customers see them as a logical part of their journey.”

– Sara Toivakainen @ Stockmann

To have a perfect real-time overview of the experience across their customer journey, they are following the EVI® score of all their customer journey stages in one Customer Journey Analytics view.

“From the Customer Journey level overview of our EVI® score fluctuation, it is easy to start drilling down the EVI® score to the feedback given on specific touchpoints and quickly find reasons that have resulted in a specific numeric EVI® score.”

– Sara Toivakainen @ Stockmann

Education and tools that enable placing Emotional Experience at the heart of the company

In addition to the software that helps to measure and analyze emotions and their impact, Stockmann is providing the employees with the CX Academy‘s Ambassador Program which includes online CX courses for educating their Feeling That Lasts Ambassadors on the basics of Customer Experience to the main aspects of Emotional Experience.

“CX Academy’s Ambassador Program online courses have played a big role in educating and aligning our employees on Emotional Experience and growing internal Feeling That Lasts Ambassadors.”

– Sara Toivakainen @ Stockmann

Besides aligning the entire team with the most important knowledge each individual should know, Stockmann gives all the employees access to customer feedback with easy-to-access feedback analytics dashboards.

“With the help of Feedbackly, we have been able to bring Emotional Experience close to every employee. We added CX targets to our bonus programs and our employees have been grateful that all team members now have access to customer feedback dashboards. Now all our employees understand and see in real-time their impact on Stockmann’s customer experience.”

– Sara Toivakainen @ Stockmann


Today, Stockmann’s CX program is on an entirely new level:

  • They can now see which emotions initiate actions that drive or obstruct revenue for Stockmann – EVI® score has a strong correlation with purchase behavior

  • They can quickly identify any reasons behind their customer purchase behavior along their entire customer journey

  • Employees are more committed than ever before to providing great experiences that evoke the correct emotions

  • Their web store conversions to purchases completed have grown and they have the tools to keep optimizing it even better

“Thanks to Feedbackly and the EVI® methodology, we have been able to identify what makes our eCommerce store visitors convert to customers. Web store pre-purchase EVI® score and web store conversion rate go hand in hand. Also, when EVI® is high, then the number of support cases is low, and vice versa. This is simply powerful.”

– Sara Toivakainen @ Stockmann

EVI® score has a strong correlation with purchase behavior. The higher the EVI® score, the higher is web store conversion rate to purchases completed. This is highly valuable information in web store optimization. Stockmann is now using insights from surveys with the EVI® question to grow their web store conversions to purchases. One chart says more than a thousand words:

Emotional Value Index (EVI) impact on web store conversion rate

“Feedbackly’s software has exactly the features we need without any extra noise. Thanks to its simplicity, the tool is very easy-to-use, unlike some of the competitors’ solutions that we have used. Also, getting started was quick and easy, plug and play – just like they promised.”

– Sara Toivakainen @ Stockmann

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