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With up to 1400 survey responses per week in Finnish, Swedish, and English, the city of Helsinki can see what locals and tourists alike are saying about the city’s museums. 

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In our previous blog post, we introduced our collaboration with the City of Helsinki to improve the customer experience of city facilities like museums, sports halls, libraries, etc.

Why Measure Customer Experience At Museums?

For most of its museums, the City of Helsinki offers free admission. With the Museum Card, you also get discounts for those with an entry fee. For both free and paid museums, the city needs to provide the best experience possible. First-time visitors to Helsinki should be ‘wowed’ so that they become more likely to return in the future. Improving customer experience makes good economic sense for city councils.

Using Feedbackly terminals

The city’s museums are all equipped with Feedbackly Terminals to collect feedback near the building’s exit. It is so important to capture feedback when the experience is still fresh in the customer’s mind. During the summer months, the museums have concentrated on collecting general feedback about the whole customer experience in the museum with surveys asking the visitor about the overall experience, as well as specific areas of the facility that they liked or didn’t like. Open feedback is encouraged to give the facility manager a good baseline of overall customer satisfaction.

Survey content is king

The survey questions aim to get a deeper understanding of what leads to both positive and negative experiences during the visit, and answer the question “Why did you feel a certain way?”. The results are usually analyzed weekly, and results are shared and discussed with the teams at each facility. As one of the key elements in the City of Helsinki’s strategy is the measuring of customer experience, there are also KPIs such as NPS (Net Promoter Score) and CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score) in place on a city-level to help each facility achieve their goals.

High results with localized surveys

Weekly feedback amounts vary from 200 to 1400 responses, depending on the location. A large part of the visitors are tourists, which means it’s also essential to both listen to the residents of the city and those from elsewhere and help to enhance the Helsinki brand outside of Finland. Because of this, multilingual surveys are necessary – and Feedbackly surveys can include up to 10 different languages. The user can easily switch between Finnish, Swedish, English, etc.

Soon, the museums will also collect feedback on more specific topics inside their facilities. Having surveys for each exhibition individually, figuring out how the visitor found out about the museum (marketing perspective), and short-term surveys for new exhibitions will provide more detailed feedback and understanding to help them create even better experiences in the future.

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