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Improving employee experience

“To win in the marketplace, you must first win the workplace” – Doug Conant, Former CEO, Campbell Soup. Happy customers start from …

Take a moment to think of your past purchasing behavior as a customer. Can you recount incidents of impulsive purchases you made …

EVI question type

A study by Harvard shows that 95% of purchase decisions are emotional. Further, research by Gallop has identified that 70% of decisions …

Feedbackly survey template

Gathering feedback is a paramount aspect of a better customer journey and a better customer experience. It is only by understanding your …

CX audit

The powerful yet free CX Audit is finally here at your service! Creating good customer experiences is more important than ever for …

Planning meeting

Emotional Value Index (EVI®), in a word, is brilliant. Not to brag, but the many client testimonials and data prove it to …

Happy customer

Customers prefer businesses that offer a fabulous and effortless customer experience. Brands need feedback to improve their buying journey and meet these …

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a glorified metric in the field of customer experience. Sure enough, the simple question of how likely …

Emotional Value Index (EVI®) is a CX KPI designed to measure emotional experience. It tries to capture customers’ emotional engagement with the brand as they go through different stages of the customer journey. In this regard, emotional experience is customer experience evaluated using emotions.

Happy man give customer feedback

Feedbackly helps businesses optimize their customer experience through feedback. We aim to make the process of feedback collection and management easy and …


Emotional Value Index (EVI®) is a relatively new KPI to hit the CX industry in recent times. But, it is quickly becoming …


Selecting the right CX software for your business is quite a task. With so many options available in the market and different …


For current and future CX Superstars

Free eBook: Emotional Value Index (EVI®) - The next big thing in CX since the NPS
Free eBook

EVI® – The Next Big Thing in CX Since the NPS

All you need to know about how to measure and use Emotional Value Index (EVI®) to grow your business.

Future CX Outlook Report

Global research

Future CX Outlook Report

An extensive report analyzing where the CX market is headed and how top CX pros and companies are putting their customers at the center of their strategy in the future.

Customer Journey Map Template

Free template

Customer Journey Map Template

Build your customer journey map with this Excel template. Just fill in the missing cells with your data and start monitoring your touchpoints. Simple as that.

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