How Leading Brands Use Emotional Experience in Their Marketing Strategies

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Let’s not forget that the little emotions are the great captains of our lives, and we obey them without realizing it.” 

True to Vincent van Gogh’s above words, we battle with emotions every day. They are a decisive factor in our life decisions, and most of the purchasing decisions take place in the subconscious mind. If brands need to step up their game in serving their customers better, they need to look at ways to connect with their clientele at a deeper and more meaningful level.

Many leading brands, despite having established a strong brand identity, continue to use emotional experience for marketing and customer experience strategies to stay connected, relevant, and top in the game. Let’s take a look at some powerful examples!

How Bentley Helped Its Customers Pick the Perfect Car

In 2005, Bentley came up with an emotion recognition app to offer a highly personalized service to its wealthy clientele. Using an emotion metrics algorithm, the app keeps track of your expressions as you look through a series of images to determine your taste and preferences. Correlating even the subtle muscle shifts with respective emotional and cognitive states, Bentley determined what each customer loved and liked and created a fully custom Bentayga that resonated with each billionaire’s taste. The app won many awards for its excellence!

Credits: Bentley

Did you know that with the Emotional Value Index (EVI®), you can keep track of your customers’ emotional reactions and use it to measure their satisfaction and loyalty? Using the data gathered, you can curate an experience that motivates customers to spend more.

Nike Using Stories of Inspiration As Sentimental Triggers

Sometimes, an emotional trigger is probably what gets your customers to click ‘buy’ and complete the purchase. So, instead of merely selling products with attractive catchphrases, some companies focus on selling an emotion or experience associated with a bigger cause.

Credits: Nike

Perhaps, no brand has mastered the art of selling emotions as Nike. The company’s Just Do It campaigns converted its slogan into a global movement over time. With emotional narratives of perseverance, dedication, and struggles, Nike connects to its customers at an emotional level and turns them into advocates. Such campaigns are highly persuasive and nudge customers to be loyal to the brand. Another example is Gatorade’s The Boy Who Learned to Fly campaign featuring Usain Bolt.

How Burberry Reinvented Itself with Emotional Experience 

No brand is immortal unless it truly strives to be so and adapts to the changing times. This was the case with Burberry, a brand renowned for its high-end merchandise. The company was going out of touch when its CEO, Angela Ahrendts, pulled it back up with a novel strategy. 

The brand came up with digital innovations like Burberry World that connected online and in-store experiences to offer a seamless buying journey. On the other hand, Burberry Kiss allows customers to try out products virtually and share pictures with people they know. The brand’s motive was to engage its customers emotionally and utilize music and high-quality visuals to evoke positive emotions and drive sales.

Credits: Burberry

In the words of Angela Ahrendts, “You have to be totally connected with everyone who touches your brand.”

Why Your Brand Needs Emotional Experience

Forging relationships with customers through emotions doesn’t have to be limited to big brands. Any business or brand can establish its presence and earn the trust of its potential customers by offering experiences that tap into the customer’s emotions. 

However, it’s integral to measure how customers feel to determine if they enjoy the shopping journey and identify pain points they face along the way. With EVI®, you can easily measure emotions at every touchpoint and stage in the buying journey. You can use it to identify the emotions that generate higher sales and focus on evoking them in your marketing and sales strategies.

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