AI for Customer Experience: A New Mode of Engaging with Your Customers

AI for Customer Experience

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As one of the top CX trends for this year, there’s no doubt that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be a game-changer in helping both brands and customers benefit from improved efficiency. From using chatbots to help customers resolve simple issues to using machine learning to streamline business operations, AI can be integrated in so many ways to make CX better. However, it should also be used with caution. 

Let’s take a look at how AI can be used to enhance CX and build better connections with customers!

Use AI for Repetitive Tasks to Save Time

AI can be both a cost-effective and time-saving option for fulfilling simple and repetitive tasks. For example, you can use AI chatbots to provide product/service information to customers who want to learn more about your brand. This way, you can make customer support available 24/7, and customers can get prompt responses to their questions. 

However, chatbots aren’t ideal for solving complex or unfamiliar issues because they only respond based on the information they are fed. It can reduce the quality of the customer experience. So, customer service agents should still be available to handle issues and questions that require a personalized approach. 

Level Up Personalization with Predictive Analytics

Another aspect where AI can help you excel in customer experience is personalization. With AI, brands can keep track of customer’s buying habits, preferences, and interests and deliver personalized content to match their needs. You can segment your customer base using these characteristics and demographic data to offer them relevant product recommendations, bundle offers, and other incentives to increase loyalty. If you wish to learn more about CX personalization, then at this webinar, we looked more into the details of this topic.

Also, AI-powered algorithms can create accurate predictive models of customers when fed with high-quality first-party and third-party data. These models not only provide brands with a comprehensive picture of their customers but also help in forecasting future customer behavior. Knowing your customer’s next step or requirement keeps you a step ahead of the game.  It can be used to create relevant marketing campaigns and send the right offer at the right time. It’s a great way to win customers! 

Manage Customer Feedback Better

AI can also be effectively used to analyze and manage customer feedback in many ways. For one, you can utilize sentiment analysis to gauge the tone and emotion underlying customer feedback and respond accordingly. This way, you would know if the customer’s response carries a positive, negative, or neutral connotation. Another benefit of sentiment analysis is that it allows you to analyze large volumes of text in one go.

You can also utilize AI to categorize feedback, identify the most critical ones, take prompt action to resolve them, and close the loop. This is especially true for large businesses that often deal with a large number of survey responses and other feedback. Responding to critical feedback at the right time is vital to win the trust of your customers. At this webinar with Zendesk, you can learn more about it.

Know When AI is Your Foe

While AI in CX is a good thing, you should also be aware of the instances when it can do more harm than good. One of the criticisms that brands using AI face is the lack of human touch, and it often happens when it’s not leveraged properly. 

Excessive use of AI can lead to impersonal interactions, eroding the personality of the brand. AI has also been blamed for inaccuracy and incomplete understanding of the prompts provided. Regardless of how far the technology takes us, values like empathy will still play a role in customer-brand relationships.  So, any AI-driven approach must be implemented with care and caution.

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