Free Webinar: Personalized Customer Experience – What, Why, How to measure

Free Webinar: Personalized Customer Experience - What, Why, How to Measure

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Join us on November 1st to hear about how to maximize the outcome of customer experience personalization.

Date: November 1st, 2023

Time: 2 PM EET (UTC +2) / 12 PM GMT (UTC +0)

Duration: 60 min

Recording now available!

>> Watch the replay

Everybody is saying that personalized customer experience (CX) is important and we need to do it, but only a few actually know if they are doing it right. Personalization is a hot topic. We have even hired artificial intelligence to do it for us. It is great, but it is now time to learn how to maximize the success – more conversions, more revenue, more loyal customers.

We’ll be looking at this question at the upcoming webinar together with Mikko Määttä, Head of Marketing at Frosmo, and Kristian Stolt, COO of Feedbackly. Both men are experts in their field and it is guaranteed to be a highly valuable webinar with lots of practical stories and examples.

At this webinar, you will learn:

  • What is personalized CX and why it is important
  • How to provide personalized experiences – practical examples from eCommerce
  • How to measure CX in eCommerce (what works and what doesn’t)
  • How to link improvements in CX with the business outcome, e.g. more conversions and higher revenue

>> Watch the replay

About speakers:


Head Of Marketing and Channel Sales @ Frosmo

Mikko is a veteran B2B marketer and a former eCommerce operator. He staunchly believes that in business, especially online business, the best customer experience wins; and that the best way to deliver great CX is to serve each individual customer with journeys tailored to their particular needs and preferences.


CX Academy coach, COO and partner @ Feedbackly

Kristian is the COO of Feedbackly and one of the head coaches of the CX Academy. Kristian and his team have helped many industry leaders across the world succeed with their CX programs and become CX front-runners. Among the many, they have helped the City of Helsinki, Merck, Innovasport, the Australian Government, Stockmann, and Banregio.

Get your replay here:

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