5 Reasons Why Retail Businesses Love Feedbackly


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If you are in the retail business, you would have access to a lot of customer feedback as you interact directly with customers. It offers you a treasure trove of data about your customers and their expectations and perceptions of your business.

Did you know that you can profit and grow significantly with customer feedback? With a feedback management platform like Feedbackly, you can optimize the use of customer feedback data to improve the buying journey and the overall customer experience. It is rich in features, user-friendly, and compatible with many CX platforms.

Here’s why our customers in the retail business love it.

1. Omni-channel customer feedback collection

Today, customers interact with businesses in different ways. They might not use the same channel for the entire customer journey. For example, the customer may browse the products on your website, ask questions related to them on social media to make a decision, and make the actual purchase by visiting the store. In order to gain an accurate review of the buying journey, you need to gather feedback at every touchpoint they utilize.

With Feedbackly, you can gather real-time and delayed customer feedback data via multiple channels. You can integrate both online and offline channels into our platform. SMS, website widgets, QR codes, and Feedbackly terminals on stores are some ways to collect feedback.

2. Easily scalable

Gathering and analyzing feedback doesn’t have to be a complicated task. You can start small with limited features and grow from there. With our CX educational courses, tutorials, and one-on-one sessions, we can guide you step-by-step on using Feedbackly effectively.

Initially, you can analyze customer feedback with a limited number of responses via selected channels. It is ideal for startups and small ventures. As your business grows, you can increase the amount of feedback and use more features for in-depth analysis.

3. Get Feedback throughout the customer journey

Feedback is no longer limited to post-purchase reviews that customers leave about your product or service. Delivering a good first impression is important as offering a great product, and only real customer feedback can show you if you are doing it right.

With Feedbackly, you can gather data from the moment customers encounter your brand until the advocacy phase. You can identify the pain points that lie throughout the customer journey and fix them to offer a seamless customer experience. Gathering feedback in every stage also gives you a good insight into the employee experience and ways to improve it.

4. Emotional Value Index (EVI®)

Consumers instinctively tend to choose products based on their emotions. By evoking joyful emotions in customers, brands can sell their products more effectively. Understanding your customers’ emotions can help you offer a better service.

By signing up for our Feedbackly platform, you also get access to EVI®, a KPI aimed at measuring customer emotions. EVI® has proven to be an indispensable CX metric that helps brands understand their customers’ emotional experience. The benefit of EVI is that it can be used throughout the customer journey, and it is particularly great for retail businesses that receive a lot of feedback. The impact of EVI® increases with the increase in feedback because the data becomes more reliable.

5. Grow profits

The ROI in spending on CX is very high. Every dollar you invest in it will multiply your earnings. When a business is seriously invested in improving CX, it builds a better brand image among its clientele. The loyalty of its customers will improve, and repetitive purchases will increase. Brands that are obsessed with providing the best experience for their clients continue to attract more leads with minimal marketing costs. Our Feedbackly platform can help you achieve just that. You can link Feedbackly analytics with the financial performance of your business and see for yourself!

Are you ready to reap the full benefits of customer feedback? Take a look at our subscription plans here.

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