How to Translate Your Customer Feedback Data into Numbers?


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You might be familiar with the benefits of collecting customer feedback and how to do it using numerous channels and KPI surveys. But do you know how to optimize its rewards? If not, you are not alone.

Although many businesses have increased their focus on gathering customer feedback data, they are not sure how to get the most out of it. The feedback you gather is not just for gaining an overview of customers’ perceptions about your business. It is important to build a customer journey, collect feedback in segments, convert them into numbers, and make reactive decisions based on them. Overall, it has to be a streamlined and consistent process.

Feedbackly is here to help you with it. Here’s how to translate customer feedback into meaningful numbers!

1. Collect

Gathering relevant feedback according to your customer journey is the first step. You can use Feedbackly’s customer journey builder to map out the phases of the buying journey and all the important touchpoints related to them. You can use it to build multiple customer journeys, as a business usually has more than one ideal customer persona.

Then, you identify the most suitable KPIs for your business and link them to relevant stages for measuring their performance. EVI® is one of the best CX metrics that can be used throughout the customer journey. The surveys can be sent out to customers via different channels, and you can even set up notifications on specific feedback types to take prompt action. You can focus on both real-time and delayed feedback.

2. Analyze

Customer feedback can offer a lot of insights into the performance of your business. You have to segment the feedback and summarize the data to gain an overview. With our Customer Journey Analytics feature, we have automated the process of analyzing feedback data. It will show you the real-time status of your CX in a single customer journey view.

Moreover, our analytics will help you identify the bottlenecks and problematic areas in your customer journey. At the same time, you can also identify the areas that are well-streamlined to make the journey effortless. You can look at the improvements and issues in each stage separately with our comprehensive analytics.

For example, in the awareness stage, you can compare customer feedback data with the growth in the email database to determine if your customer attraction strategy is successful. In the purchase phase, you can compare EVI® results with sales data to understand the reason behind the percentage change in sales during the month. Happy customers can bring you more sales, and if your EVI® score is high, it would probably be backed by a high number of sales and large purchase sizes.

Churn rates in the loyalty and advocacy stage will pinpoint the drawbacks of your loyalty programs. Similarly, you can determine the quality of the product or service based on the number of returns and replacements. These are only some ways in which you can analyze customer feedback.

3. Take action

Finally, it’s time to close the feedback loop with proper solutions. Based on the scores of the KPIs you use in each customer journey stage, you can identify problematic areas. You can do an in-depth analysis and find the root cause to take necessary actions. It will improve CX and make the buying journey a seamless experience.

While every pain point cannot be resolved immediately, you can acknowledge them and offer alternative solutions. How you respond to customer feedback is important as analyzing them because it helps in fostering a good relationship with customers. It will also help in enhancing the brand image of the business.

Need more support with managing customer feedback data for better CX results? Get in touch with us today!

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