All-In-One Customer Feedback

Feedbackly is the only customer feedback software with built in marketing and sales tools.

Create Surveys

Choose from 8 different question types to get the most relevant data possible. Add up to 10 different language versions.

Publish Anywhere

Integrate surveys into your existing sales funnel. Not your average ad hoc survey solution.

Analyze Feedback

Feedback data is displayed in real-time and visualized into a beautiful and efficient dashboard view.

Feedback Handling

The Feedback Inbox allows you to see exactly who is leaving the most feedback and respond instantly via email or SMS.

Instant notifications

Your employees will immediately be sent an email when negative feedback is submitted to their assigned channel.

Branded Surveys

Add your company logo to be shown across all surveys, or display a different logo on each survey.

Data Export

Be in control of your customer data. Export responses and analytics to PDF, CSV, or XLSX.


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What is Feedbackly?

We built the world's only feedback and customer journey software with built in marketing and sales tools.

Create highly customizable surveys and publish them anywhere. Use the Feedbackly iOS app to collect responses on your iPad, or publish your surveys with any one of our many software integrations.

Our vision is to revolutionize customer experience management by making it easy and affordable to measure your customer's emotions and turn that insight into actions. Above all, we enable companies to boost sales using their customer feedback.

The Simplest Workflow Imaginable

Create and publish in-depth surveys in less than 5 minutes

Your feedback is automatically displayed visually and can be filtered by date, survey, and feedback channel

Respond to your customers directly without leaving the dashboard. Choose between email or SMS

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