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Integrate your customer feedback data with your CRM or eCommerce platform and put the feedback work for you, automatically.

Feedbackly offers hundreds of API integrations to connect the dots of your customer experience strategy.

Feedbackly <3 SalesForce

Trigger your Feedbackly surveys from SalesForce and take the feedback data back to your accounts – trigger targeted surveys, find your hottest leads, and close deals or make upsell. Easy setup and everything you need is automated.

"With Feedbackly we are not only able to gather feedback but really improve customer satisfaction which leads to operational effiencies and growing sales in all channels."
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Toni Stigzelius
Country director

Request A Custom Integration

If you need to integrate to an internal system, contact us to request a custom integration via the Feedback API.


You have two ways to integrate

Our developers are working on new ways to connect your data every day.


Use Feedbackly's REST API to connect your data to virtually any other software.


We also support SOAP API connection.

We have you covered

Feedbackly plays well with the most popular platforms

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