Free Webinar. Q&A with Jaakko Männistö: Ask Anything About The Emotional Value Index (EVI®)

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Recording now available!

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Join our chat with Jaakko Männistö and use a chance to ask any questions you might have about the Emotional Experience measurement or the Emotional Value Index (EVI®).

Date: Wednesday, October 26

Time: 8 AM EDT (UTC -4)/3 PM EEST (UTC +3)

Running time: 60 min

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95% of purchasing decisions are based on emotions. This is why leading businesses are more than ever measuring Emotional Experience and those who are not yet, are looking for ways to measure it. There are so many questions still in the air that need answers, right!?

To help you develop your Emotional Experience program further or to help you get started with it, we have put together this Q&A webinar. Jaakko Männistö, the Emotional Experience pioneer, is ready to answer any questions you might have! We’ll also discuss the most popular questions asked about the Emotional Experience measurement and about the Emotional Value Index (EVI®) methodology. If EVI® isn’t familiar to you yet, it is a comparable KPI that can be used to measure the impact of the emotions you evoke in your business.

Are you a CX front-runner? Welcome to ask your questions or join our chat to listen only!

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About the speakers


Founder & CEO of Feedbackly, Awarded CX Leader, Researcher

Jaakko is a startup entrepreneur and an internationally awarded CX professional. Jaakko is a founder and CEO of Feedbackly, co-founder of CX Academy and CXforum, and the author of the CX handbook The Journey. He also is one of the developers of the Emotional Value Index (EVI®) measurement framework and a global front-runner in Emotional Experience.


Marketing Manager at Feedbackly

Evely is a full-stack marketing professional who has always been interested in human psychology and its impact on decision-making. She has almost 10 years of experience in marketing, which includes various experiences in B2C as well as B2B. During her career, she has also led a startup intending to change the world of customer feedback collection – CX has always been in her heart. Today, she is the Marketing Manager at Feedbackly, the only CX platform that can measure customers emotions.

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