How to Select the Right CX Management Tool?

NPS customer feedback survey example

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Monitoring, gathering, and analyzing customer feedback is crucial to improve the customer experience delivered by your business. In fact, good Customer Feedback Management software is the most important tool that helps you optimize your CX strategy.

However, the market offers you a plethora of options, and if you review their functionalities or features, you will find most of them to be similar. This can make it quite overwhelming to select one. So, in this guide, we highlight some key features you should look for when selecting the right Customer Feedback Management platform for your business.

Customer surveys for various needs

Surveys are vital because they are the first step of any customer experience strategy. They are the primary mode of gathering customer feedback which is paramount for the improvement of the business. Ultimately, it is the end-users who can give authentic views about your product or service. 

Generating automated surveys at various touchpoints and customizing surveys using generic templates are some key features here. You should be able to execute them in a seamless and streamlined manner to gather customer feedback and reward them for their contribution in a timely manner. 

Many platforms also offer notification management as a standard feature. It alerts you of low scores, negative feedback, or any other aspects that can be damaging for your business. By triggering individual customer rescue cycles using this feature, it is possible to fix pressing issues quickly. 

NPS survey & EVI survey

Omni-channel feedback collection 

While surveys are indispensable, it’s also important to gather customer feedback through various other sales and marketing channels. They can be polls, social media reviews, text messages, emails, live chat responses, interviews, and customer ticket feedback.

A holistic approach to collecting feedback can provide you a multitude of opinions and well-rounded results. It also aids in mapping out the customer experience more comprehensively to gain useful insights. So, the CFM platform that you select should also facilitate multi-channel feedback collection and management in a simple and effective manner.

Multi-channel customer journey

An analytics dashboard that makes your data actionable

One of the standard features offered by feedback management platforms is the ability to analyze unstructured texts like open comments left by clients. It’s important to link them to the overall picture to understand them better.

The analytics dashboard essentially provides an overview of the gathered data and feedback from customers. It’s quintessential for this feature to be very precise, concise, and attractive in what it offers, because ultimately, data collection boils down to actionable insights. It is the dashboard that keeps you updated and helps you make decisions based on them. 

Your data should be represented in a manner that is easy to understand as it will be reviewed by different people. So, there should be clear formats to specify various indicators, metrics, charts, graphs, and other elements. Moreover, it should be attractive with different colors denoting different aspects to visualize data in an appealing manner. Generally, CFM platforms offer single-channel dashboards that show score-based results.

Customer feedback analytics dashboard


Customer Journey analytics dashboard

Understanding your ideal customer’s journey with your business is the first step to improve the customer experience. However, a business will have more than one persona in most cases. Therefore, the CX management platforms should unarguably have the capacity to map out multiple customer journeys comprehensively. Moreover, they should allow you to edit, manage, and measure these customer journeys effectively. 

This way, you can integrate or connect feedback received on various touchpoints across the customer journey and identify correlations. You don’t have to analyze data in silos and make feedback evaluation a difficult process. It also makes it easy for decision-makers to gain an overview and implement relevant strategies.

customer journey analytics dashboard


Besides these, other useful features to look for are data export and integrations, built-in sales and marketing tools, support, and training. If you are looking for a reliable customer feedback management tool that offers a well-rounded set of features to help you manage your CX strategy easily, look no further. Feedbackly has all of the above-mentioned features and has helped many businesses optimize their CX journey, achieve higher sales, and grow their ventures! Check this article to find what are the top 3 features that our customers love the most.


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