The 3 Steps for Building a Working CX Strategy for Your eCommerce

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The eCommerce industry experienced a massive surge in sales during the pandemic when their brick-and-mortar rivals had to shut down. It will continue to dominate consumers’ purchasing preferences in the years to come.

The increase in demand for eCommerce services has increased the number of eCommerce businesses that have sprung to life lately, which means there’s intense competition at present. 

So, how do you stand yourself in a pool of equally good alternatives?

In an era where customer-centric values have become the driving factor for the survival, growth, and cutting-edge of the business, Customer Experience (CX) has become the indispensable tool to shine.

Unfortunately, many businesses consider it as a supplementary course of action rather than a necessity to spur growth and enhance brand image. Today, customers have more decision-making and buying power with an increased amount of choices – so there’s no time to delay, pause, or rethink about CX. Get started now!

Here are 3 major steps to help you create an effective CX strategy for your business!

Focus on Personalization

Customized experience is one of the decisive factors that persuade buyers to select a business for their regular purchases. In fact, did you know that 80% of customers are more likely to purchase from a company that delivers them personalized experiences?

When a customer is browsing through the products, you have to improve their search process with product suggestions or recommendations. This can be easily implemented if you utilize AI-powered tools to track and monitor customer’s behavior through past purchases, shopping carts, recently-viewed lists, etc. Even when you are sending out marketing materials like newsletters, you have to ensure the product, service, or topic you are promoting appeal to the targeted audience. 

These are just some examples. You have to focus on hyper-personalization throughout the customer journey, touching every aspect that can be customized. Even a simple greeting like “hello” can be specified with the customer’s name to make them feel special and acknowledged.

Maintain an Omni-Channel Presence

Customers prefer brands that are available across multiple platforms as it improves their buying experience. It helps eCommerce businesses provide a seamless service to their clientele as there’s a smooth transition between touchpoints. Essentially, an omnichannel service treats engagements through multiple touchpoints as a unified journey and allows customers to begin with one channel and end with another.

For example, a customer should be able to view the product via Facebook, place the order via the website, and be able to return it via another channel like email. If such a process is hassle-free in your business, then your business has nailed the omnichannel service.

While improving convenience to customers, such a diversified presence helps in enhancing your brand image and stand out from the rest. After all, we all prefer our favorite brands to be available on frequently used social platforms to interact, buy, and even complain!

Improve the Shopping Experience 

There are some common pain points that buyers encounter when they do business with eCommerce stores. Lackluster website, poor quality images, time-consuming check out process, privacy issues, and lack of prompt customer support are some of them. If you want to build a brand that stands out and a business that truly understands customer expectations, you have to fix these pain points.

For this purpose, you need to understand what annoys customers, what propels them to ditch their shopping carts at the last moment, and what stops them from trying out your products. This is when feedback, reviews, and customer opinions play a major role. 

So, if you want to ensure your customers are satisfied from beginning to end and would recommend your business to others without hesitation, you have to fine-tune the overall shopping experience through their perspective

Where Can I Get Help?

Starting from scratch, adjusting your business strategies towards CX, or improving your existing strategies can be an overwhelming task without a doubt. This is why we are here to help you out. At Feedbackly, we do more than providing you a user-friendly platform to gather, analyze, and utilize feedback to make better decisions.

We also remain with you, every step of the way by helping you improve every aspect of the customer experience. We provide a host of tools for eCommerce businesses to conquer their customer base, increase conversion rates, and boost their brand. Whether you need a well-detailed customer journey template that you can easily edit or a platform to utilize important customer data, we have got you covered.  

Our panel of CX professionals can help you utilize the best strategies for your business while tracking their efficacy along the way. So, if you need help, you know where to ask!

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