10 Top Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions

CSAY survey in a retail store

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Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) is an indispensable CX metric for businesses that focus on keeping their customers delighted all the time. While CSAT is a measure of customer satisfaction level, it is also a measure of a brand’s effort to prioritize their clientele above anything else. 

In order to measure CSAT effectively, brands have to prepare a survey consisting of questions that are tailored to their product/service and the targeted customers. An attractive survey is one that has limited questions that are simple and clearly drafted to get specific answers. They should also appeal to customers’ perceptions, so they are inclined to answer them better.

If you are hoping to prepare or update your CSAT survey, here are some vital questions you should include to assess satisfaction from different aspects.

1. How satisfied are you with the purchase?

This is the preliminary question to be included if the CSAT survey is sent after a customer purchases a product/service. It’s clear-cut and simple, allowing customers to answer it without hesitation. Alternatively, you can also make it a yes/no question, but it might not reflect the satisfaction/dissatisfaction level more precisely.

2. What do you like most about our product/service?

You can include this as an MCQ or open-ended question. It helps you understand the biggest strength of your product while shedding light on features that need further improvement. This is also the feature(s) customers will be speaking about when they promote the business that you can highlight in your marketing strategies.

3. What do you like the least about our product/service?

The question will show the weakness of your product from the customer’s point of view. It will help you fix major pain points and improve the satisfaction level of your customers. It’s important to pay attention to features that dissatisfy customers because they can lead to negative word of mouth if left unfixed. 

4. How would you rate your experience with our support team?

The effectiveness of the customer service/support team is a major determinant of satisfaction. Customers rely on it to solve the issues they face, provide feedback, and to get to know about the product better. The rating can help brands understand if the support team enhances CX and cater to customer needs efficiently. 

5. What improvements do you like to see in our product/service?

Customer-centric brands should constantly try to improve their delivery to be on par with the ever-evolving needs of the customers. So, a question like this would help you understand what customers require or expect in your product/service. Also, acknowledging their suggestions can help improve CX even if you can’t make the improvement right away. 

6. How easy was it to purchase from our brand compared to others?

The question identifies the seamlessness of the customer journey. A high rating or the choice of “very easy” reflects that customers go through a hassle-free and satisfactory process when buying products from you. A low rating implies that you need to focus more on improving CX. Since it’s also a competitor-based question, it will help you understand your current stand in the market as well. 

7. Would you use our service or buy our products in the future?

If customers are satisfied with your brand, they are more likely to come again. So, the answer to this question will help you determine it. It also implies how loyal they feel towards your brand. Based on the answer, you can strategize ways to strengthen the retention rate.

8. Would you recommend our brand to your friends or family members?

Delighted customers are more likely to take up the task of advocating for your brand voluntarily. An affirmative answer implies that the brand has gone an extra mile to satisfy their customers with a fabulous experience. So, this question is important to understand the level of satisfaction clearly. 

9. Demographic-related questions

The demographics of your customers are important to justify the causes of satisfaction/dissatisfaction regarding your product. Therefore, in your survey, include questions such as,

  • What is your age?
  • Where do you live?
  • What is your monthly income?
  • What is your gender?

10. Does the product/service offer the best value for the money paid?

Customers are always on the hunt for brands that offer the best product and experience for the money they pay. If they are not satisfied with the quality and functionality of the product when compared to the price, they won’t purchase again. So, this question will help you fine-tune the customer experience you provide. 

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