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Collect customer feedback on your website so you can optimize your sales conversion. Identify problems with your website design and checkout process to keep your customers happy.

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4 ways to display your surveys

Corner window

When you don’t want to disrupt a web session – use a corner window survey.

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Embedded survey

For the ultimate integrated survey solution – embed your Feedbackly survey directly into your web elements. Survey will disappear after it has been answered. Clear browser cache to re-enable.

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Direct link

The most versatile way to share your surveys online. Distribute it any way you want and watch the responses roll in.

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Pop-over window

For those situations where feedback is critical. A pop-over window demands the attention of the user and is proven to increase the likelihood of a response.

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Analyse your full customer journey

Build customer journeys with ease and know where your customers churn. Use industry standard customer journey templates to track your customer experience from Awareness to Loyalty.

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