Feedbackly Vs. QuestionPro – Which CX Software Is Better?


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Selecting the right CX software for your business is quite a task. With so many options available in the market and different pricing models, you might be confused as to which is better. The question to ask is which platform will go above and beyond to help you create a fabulous experience for your clients. Ultimately, the goal is to keep your customers happy and loyal to your brand.

In this article, we are going to compare two leading CX platforms, Feedbackly and QuestionPro, to help you pick the ideal choice for your brand! Let’s look at them categorically.


Both platforms allow users to create and distribute customized online surveys and analyze the data for better decision-making. With multi-channel survey distribution, visual survey customization, and offline data gathering, these platforms offer users a streamlined service to manage feedback collection.

Feedbackly and QuestionPro are intuitive and easy to use, although they both offer advanced CX analytic features. Feedbackly specializes in experience for high-volume retail and service and offers physical terminals to gather feedback in-store. If that’s your business, we are one of the best in the market.


Scalability is one of the biggest factors that sets Feedbackly apart from the rest. Our CX software is fully scalable. We help businesses start off small with their CXM program and grow gradually. In the beginning, you can select a few touchpoints and a limited amount of feedback.

Then, you can increase it as your brand diversifies its presence across different channels.
Full scalability is not a feature available on QuestionPro, but their “Essentials” Package with limited features is free. While it’s a good choice for small brands, it only offers basic statistics and analytics.


You can create different surveys on Feedbackly and QuestionPro, including C-SAT, CES, and NPS. There are readymade templates that you can adjust according to your requirements too. QuestionPro also offers a feature called NPS+ that is geared to help businesses understand the root cause of the pain points. However, NPS has many limitations when it comes to applicability.

Now, the specialty of Feedbackly is it offers an additional metric exclusive to its users. EVI® aims to measure and analyze customer emotions. It helps businesses understand how emotions affect CX and the overall business performance. You can use the survey at any stage of the customer journey and derive useful correlations by connecting it with other CX metrics.


QuestionPro offers many resources, like blogs, videos, and webinars, to help users become familiar with using the platform. You can also join its weekly training sessions to learn how to maximize the benefits of the platform. Similarly, Feedbackly also has a plethora of resources like eBooks, webinars, and blogs to help new users get on board.

But we also know that every business is different and needs a tailor-made approach for CX. So, we go to extra lengths to offer hands-on guidance and help businesses get started successfully. You can set up a consultation with our experts and discuss your requirements. Once you scale up, you can give your team members access to our online courses and ambassador programs.


At a glance, Feedbackly may seem expensive compared to QuestionPro, which also offers a free package for anyone who needs to get started with feedback collection. However, when you consider the features, prompt customer support, one-on-one guidance, and access to EVI®, our packages deliver the optimum value for money.

Our monthly and yearly subscription plans are very convenient and supportive, especially for small businesses. Feedbackly also offers custom packages with unlimited responses, touchpoints, and users, which is highly beneficial for large-scale companies. Compared to it, QuestionPro’s highest package caps the number of responses to a limit of 100k.

So, have you decided which CX software is ideal for your business? If you are still not sure, you can try Feedbackly for free with our 14-day trial. For more clarification, get in touch with us!

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