Why Measuring Emotional Experience Is a Must-do?

Customer emotions

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“Sell the sizzle, not the steak.”

As the old saying goes, the best way to promote a product is by showing customers how they will feel about a purchase, even before purchase. It means you have to win their emotions. 

Emotions play a dominant role in customer decisions. So, in this competitive world, it has become vital for brands to monitor, understand, and optimize customer emotions. This is why we introduced EVI®. The Emotional Value Index (EVI®) is a metric that measures customers’ emotional experiences. It can be used at various touchpoints in the customer journey. Although it is a relatively new addition, it has proven to be very useful and effective for businesses. After all, nothing conveys a perception better than emotions. 

We have spoken quite a lot about the emotional experience in our blogs because they are quintessential for any brand that wants to provide its customers with a phenomenal customer experience. Compared to other KPIs, it stands out for its versatility, timelessness, and efficacy in helping businesses understand their customers. Because, when you come to think of it, great customer experience stems from happy customers. It is the pinnacle of success. 

Let us elaborate more on why EVI® is a revolutionary metric, and measuring it is super important! 

Emotions drive purchase decisions 

Emotions have the power to influence customer decisions. They can hamper customer rationale and persuade them to make impulsive purchases. If you want consumers to be drawn to your product or service, it’s important to create an exciting engagement first. Cater to their expectations from the start!

By evoking the right emotions, brands can leverage their sales strategy and optimize revenue. Most of the luxury products in the market are sold using strategies that tap into customer emotions that make them feel confident, valued, and happy. EVI® can help you track how customers feel, improve your marketing and sales tactics, and attract new customers. 

Emotions explain customer behavior

Emotional Experience taps into the feelings of customers, giving you accurate answers to your questions. For example, if a customer abandoned their cart at checkout, an EVI® survey can help you understand why. They could be frustrated with the time-consuming checkout process or unhappy with available payment options or delivery timeframe. EVI® survey answers help you solve the missing pieces of the puzzle.

EVI® data can easily be connected with other customer data for analysis. It helps you understand different types of customers and their preferences when doing business with your brand. By understanding their emotions with contextual data, you can provide them with highly personalized service. It is the foundation of building a loyal customer base. 

Emotions connect customers with brands

When customers are looking for a product or service to solve one of their problems, they are given a myriad of choices. They turn towards brands that understand their preferences and appeal to their emotions. This is why eliciting the right emotion is so important. A brand that’s able to convert a frustrated customer who is unable to find a solution for their problem to a joyful and loyal customer is a strong player in the market.

EVI® can help you win the game. It helps you measure the intensity of emotions and take relevant actions. For example, are your customers just happy with the purchase or feel very excited about it? If it’s the former, there’s still more room to establish a stronger connection with a better experience. 

Streamline the customer journey with EVI®

A fabulous product alone is not enough for business growth. On the contrary, brands should strive to provide their customers with a consistent, satisfactory, and happy experience from start to finish. From luring the customers to take a look at your products to convince them to recommend the purchase to others, you have to ensure every touchpoint is on point! But, how do you know if and when they are feeling happy or sad? 

EVI® can step in and resolve the issue. It is a survey that can be applied to all the phases of the customer journey. So, you can use them to identify customer emotions at different touchpoints and resolve any issues that make them feel sad, angry, or frustrated. Eventually, every touchpoint will deliver the same quality of experience, making customers feel delighted. 

EVI® is a revolutionary metric, but that doesn’t mean it rules out other KPIs in CX. They all play a great role in tracking and improving the customer journey. Moreover, EVI® data can complement other metric data and provide you with an in-depth analysis.

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