Why Collecting Omnichannel Customer Feedback Is Important?

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Delivering an exceptional customer experience from day one is a deluded theory. It’s impossible. If you look at Google’s first appearance on the internet, it is pretty crappy by today’s standards. But they fine-tuned and improved it continuously based on user experience feedback. 

Exceptional customer experience essentially stems from feedback, feedback, and more feedback. That’s not it. Feedback should be timely and fresh! So, gone are the days when you wait for your audience to clap or boo at the end. 

Embrace omnichannel customer feedback collection. Reach out to them via every channel and hear what they have to say from beginning to end. Here’s why it matters. 

1. Get real-time, prompt feedback 

There’s nothing like eating cookies fresh from the oven, no? Delayed feedback may fail to reflect the emotions and thoughts that customers had during the buying journey accurately. They can lack the essence of the raw truth, be it enthusiasm or disappointment. It is also a lost opportunity to identify and fix a pain point before it’s too late. 

It can easily be resolved with omnichannel feedback collection. We chase them and beg them for feedback on every channel, albeit discreetly. You get the answer then and there. It captures your customer perceptions more accurately. For example, if you use an EVI® survey through the Feedbackly portal at your physical store, you might be able to gauge the in-store experience even before customers step out.

2. Build correlations with other customer data 

You will already have other customer data such as the purchase size, type of products, frequency of visit, etc. Feedback helps you build context and reason out different customer behaviors. With customer feedback collected at every touchpoint, it’s easier to understand your customers’ requirements and preferences. 

For example, you can track the type of products searched by a customer frequently and suggest relevant recommendations. Then, ask them if you are doing it right to cater better the next time! It paves the way for a high level of personalization and builds loyalty.

3. Improve the overall customer journey 

Today’s customers hardly use a single channel to complete their entire journey. They might browse the products on the website, check reviews on social media, and make the actual purchase by visiting the store. Feedback collected across all the channels can be utilized you compare the quality of experience and streamline the buyer journey. 

Omnichannel feedback gives you in-depth insights on every defined touchpoint and helps you improve them for a seamless customer experience. You will be able to identify different pain points buyers face and improve them. Although you gather feedback in segments, they paint a holistic and comprehensive picture at the end.

4. Understand your customers 

Feedback enables customers to voice their opinions and suggestions. It also reflects the characteristics, preferences, and behavioral traits of customers. What’s a better way to soar past your competitors than knowing your customers in and out? 

By offering many platforms for customers to provide feedback, you also make them feel heard and acknowledged. It improves their engagement with the brand. Customers prefer brands that walk the extra mile to improve their satisfaction. 

Optimize omnichannel feedback collection 

Some of the common tools used by our clients for omnichannel customer feedback collection are Feedbackly terminals, SMS surveys, email surveys, QR codes, website pop-up surveys, web widgets, and in-app feedback surveys. 

You can use different types of surveys for different phases of the customer journey. Additionally, utilizing a common survey to gather feedback across all touchpoints can help you compare the difference in experience and quality more effectively. One such versatile survey is EVI®.

Feedback collection shouldn’t be annoying for customers because it can deter them from your brand. It must be done at the right time in the right way. Make your surveys direct and concise, requiring short answers. If surveys are gathered at every touchpoint, ensure that customers don’t have to spend more than several seconds to answer. But, you can send out a detailed survey at the end! 

Today, most brands offer their services through multiple channels. But, if we wait until customers give feedback after then, as brands, if we rely on a single portal to hear our customer’s thoughts, opinions, and cynicism, we have already lost the game. Haven’t we? 

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