3 Ways to Improve Your eCommerce Customer Journey

Customer Journey

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When it comes to the realm of eCommerce, customers have so many choices. So, the decision to switch from one alternative to another can happen in the blink of an eye. Customers are no longer looking for an online store to just buy things. They are searching for eCommerce stores that offer them a different, unique, and value-added purchasing experience. They are looking for a store they can rely on – especially during testing times like the pandemic! 

Now, can you offer that? Have you thought about that?

In order to make a great impression and attract customers, it’s important to ensure the customer journey of your eCommerce business appeals to their expectations. It should be smooth, delightful, and overall a positive experience. 

Here are three ways you can do that! 

1. Measure Emotions of Your Visitors on Any Stage of the Journey 

Emotions are an effective way to assess your customers’ perceptions because they are not biased. They project what customers think and why they took a certain action, like abandoning the shopping cart.

The Emotional Value Index (EVI®) is an effective metric that helps you measure the emotions felt by your customers and identify the dominating one. You can also utilize the results to make necessary improvements and optimize the customer experience. 

Unlike NPS, you can design EVI® surveys for all stages of the journey. For example, you can collect EVI® data when the customer visits your homepage or browses for goods. In addition to specifying the emotion using the given list, the customer can also explain the reason for their selection in the open text box.

Once you analyze the survey results, you will be able to identify strengths that lead to conversion and drawbacks that deter customers and lead to churn. A pro tip here would be to combine EVI® data with those of other metrics like NPS/CSAT. Analyzing them together can help you understand how emotions affect those metrics and how to fix them accordingly! 

2. Analyze Customer Journey Stages on One Dashboard 

We know that not every business has the privilege of improving all the issues pinpointed by the survey results. In this case, you can prioritize the most important aspects that need to be fixed immediately, especially if they contribute to higher customer churn rates. 

But how can you do it?

The key here is to select one KPI that can be used for all 3-6 stages of the customer journey. For example, CSAT or EVI. Then, you can compare the results from each stage easily. It would give you a good overview of the customer journey of your eCommerce business. You won’t be getting minute insights, but a sufficient analysis to show you the main drawbacks. It helps you identify the most problematic stages, prioritize them, and fix the crucial issue(s) in them. 

Feedbackly makes this task all very convenient for you. You can use the Customer Journey Dashboard to see the bigger picture of your customer journey. For a deeper analysis of concerning issues, you simply have to click on the issue! 

3. Launch Surveys in Multiple Channels

Improving your eCommerce customer journey is not limited to sending popup surveys when a customer is browsing your store. It needs to focus on pre-purchase and post-purchase stages as well. So, you must launch your surveys on multiple channels – from which the customers get to know your business. For example, the customer would check out your social media page before stepping into your website. You can launch surveys there to gauge their first impression! But, timing is crucial here because flooding them with surveys even before they consider your business can be downright damaging.

As for the post-purchase phase, you can embed the survey on the Thank You page, acknowledging the payment/order. Surveys can also be sent out following delivery, either via email or QR code on the product. This way, you can utilize many modes to gather survey results. The important point to remember here is to gather them on one platform like Feedbackly. Only then it’s easier for you to comprehensively analyze and gain a summarized view of your multi-channel customer journey.

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