What Should I Do If I Have Very Less Feedback?

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Feedback is an important resource for businesses to identify their position in the market, the health of their conversion rates, and, most importantly, the happiness of their customers. But, not every business gets flooded with customer feedback, especially at the early stages. 

That could put you in a tricky situation because you don’t know if you are doing perfectly well or perfectly worse. You would be more concerned if you have sent out surveys but have failed to enough responses. 

But don’t worry. Here are some actions that you can take regarding it!

Consult with Your CX Solutions Provider

Without feedback, you might find it difficult to assess the quality of Customer Experience in your organization by yourself. Getting in touch with a CX expert can help you understand if the current performance of the business is satisfactory or worrisome. They have years of experience in analyzing and guiding similar businesses, and therefore, are better at it. 

A CX solution provider will have in-depth knowledge about the industry of your business, its average conversion rates, and other benchmarks. They will compare it with the conversion rates of your own business and determine if you are doing fine or need to make changes. In some cases, you would have to wait for some time in order to begin collecting feedback and measuring CX.

Check Your Targeting 

Putting yourself in the shoes of your customers can help if you don’t have a lot of feedback in your hand. Think about it. We all hate it when we are bombarded with surveys for no reason. Similarly, customers will only be persuaded to answer surveys if they are timely, useful, relevant, contextual, and of course, concise.

It’s important that businesses send out surveys at the right time, at the right stage, via the right touchpoint. Also, they should have questions that are useful, concerning the customer’s action at that point. If you haven’t really paid attention to this factor before, it could be the culprit behind the low amount of feedback.

Double Check the Technical Problems

Have you checked if your surveys are actually sent out or sitting in the draft folder, chilling? We may be stating the obvious, but these mistakes happen all the time. Sometimes, your survey may be launched but not visible to customers as you forgot to change the settings. So, it’s better to double-check and run pilot tests to ensure your surveys are working properly. I think we should also emphasize the importance of a good feedback platform to minimize technical complexities in this case!

Any Amount of Feedback Is Great 

Any feedback is way better than no feedback. It means you can keep going. Customer experience is an element that needs to be improved constantly, with the ever-changing expectations of clients. It’s true that a mammoth amount of feedback will give you great insights. However, even a few responses or short feedback can help you identify critical action points. It helps you fix immediate issues effectively.

It’s even better when you set up automated notifications to be alerted about concerning feedback. It could be a major strength or drawback. You can fix the issue and close the loop, satisfying your client. If it’s a positive one, you can share it on social media and other channels for more leads. In this case, the amount doesn’t matter at all.


Feedback is critical for a business. Don’t be discouraged because you only get a few. Design attractive surveys and persuade your customers to leave their feedback. You have to try to collect as much as possible in order to understand your customers better. Feedbackly is an innovative, efficient, and multi-functional feedback tool that helps you collect, analyze, and manage feedback better!

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