Free Webinar: How Winning Companies Turn Customer Experience Data Into Action

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Free Webinar: How Winning Companies Turn Customer Experience Data Into Action

Recording now available!

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Measuring CX is more popular than ever, but only a few businesses are following the main principles of Customer Experience Analytics and actually getting valuable insights from the customer feedback gathered. It doesn’t need to be that difficult. CXforum invited two experts to show you how simple it can be!

CXforum invited our Customer Experience professional Troy Woodson and an expert in world-class reporting, Mieke Houbrechts from, to show how leading businesses around the world ensure that customer feedback they are gathering is easy to understand and actionable. They have found 7 principles that the winners are following (and you should follow) to make sure that everyone from your web store manager to C-Suite is able to make sense of your CX data and use it in decision-making.

Join us on August 31st to find out the main rules of Customer Experience analytics that leading companies around the world are following to make customer feedback actionable on any level of a company, from C-Suite to a store manager.

This webinar is brought to you by CXforum partners Cumul.ioCarepage and Feedbackly.

>> Enjoy your free recording here

In this webinar you will learn:

  • 7 principles that winning companies are following to keep their customer feedback actionable
  • How & why to present CX data to your C-Suite
  • How do the CX analytics dashboards of leading companies actually look like (real-life examples!)

Date: Tuesday, August 31st
Time: 9 AM EST (UTC -4)/ 4 PM EEST (UTC +3)
Running time: 45 min

PS! No worries if you are not able to attend in real-time. Register now and we’ll send a recording afterward!

>> Enjoy your free recording here

About the speakers:

Troy Woodson

Troy is Director of Customer Acquisitions at Feedbackly, one of the most flexible Customer Experience management platforms available. The Feedbackly team has helped many industry leaders across the world succeed with their CX programs and become CX front-runners. Among the many, they have helped the City of Helsinki, Merck, Innovasport, the Australian Government, Banregio. Troy will share his experience and the learnings of Feedbackly about how winning companies make their data actionable.

Mieke Houbrechts

Mieke is the Marketing Manager of, a software platform providing powerful embedded analytics solutions for SaaS platforms & enterprises. Mieke and her team have helped SaaS businesses and enterprises globally to make their data easily accessible and interpretable for their customers through interactive, embedded visualizations. They’ve helped companies like Selligent Marketing Cloud, Proximus and the City of Antwerp save months of development time.


This webinar was live on August 31st, 2021. Big thanks to all the registrants and participants. We’re thrilled that the webinar had almost 400 registrants! Thank you!


Enjoy the free replay:

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