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Measure and analyze the whole customer journey with one easy tool from brick & mortar to web - sell more through 20% higher retention rate!
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What is Feedbackly?

We believe that better customer experiences will win on the market.

Feedbackly is the only software tool that you can use to collect and manage customer feedback and data in multichannel. All data collection is automated and you are able to analyze the insights from one dashboard. Our goal is to enhance your customer retention and create more sales for you.

How it works

1. Create

With our easy to use interface you can create all the surveys within minutes through your whole organization. Our service also guides you to select the right KPI's just for you.

2. Publish

Easily connect the channels you wish and automatically publish the surveys. From social media to brick & mortar, all feedback is at your finger tips only in minutes.

3. Analyze

When the data is collected you may use our special industry specifis analysis tools to create alerts, trends and other actionable insights.

All the tools you need

We know that companies that create the best customer experiences will thrive.

We ensure that our customers have the most reliable and intuitive feedback management and analytics solution for all channels. You will always know what your customers think and you can create more sales. But why are we so different? We put you and your customers on a podium as we understand that running a business without real time insights is virtually impossible -  you will love working with us! Product overview
Awesome support
Best analytics
Purely cloud-based
Easy-to-use interface

Our customers grow their retention rate by an average of 20% and drive them to return within seven days. Those customers also spent over 100 % more than the average customer.

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Stop the hassle with feedback

We have brought everything in one place to ease up your life. With Feedbackly you can save more than 4 000 € per year and countless of working hours in your measurement and analytics cost - not to even mention the industry leading data that you get in return.

The old way

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Multiple platforms with expensive subscriptions and complex management.

Feedbackly way

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All-in-one feedback analytics & measurement tool with a one minute setup and one account.