Up to 90 percent of the decisions we make are based on emotion

(Scientific research by The Blake Project and Hotspex)

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Emotions go beyond the willingness to promote and recommend as well as the easiness of use or doing business. CSAT, CES, NPS are good – but not enough. Emotions are what truly drive customers to buy or not and emotions can be measured throughout the entire customer journey. By measuring Emotional Experience, you can find which emotions you should evoke pre-purchase as well as post-purchase to convert more revenue.

Why a meeting?

We know that every business is different. During a personal meeting, you can learn how Emotional Experience could benefit your business and how you can measure it in practice.

Meeting topics:

  • How to measure Emotional Experience and Emotional Value Index (EVI®)
  • How to choose the right emotions to evoke
  • How the emotions you evoke impact your revenue
  • How measuring Emotional Experience in your business would look in practice

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