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Measure and analyze every step of the customer journey online and use this data to push upsell more than 20%!


Customer Journey in eCommerce

Collect Feedback and Leads From Website Visitors

Gather leads and marketing database on your website or webshop with simple widgets and plugins. With Feedbackly offering your eCommerce customers a chance to win iPhone you'll be able to get unbiased feedback from visiting customers. Conversion rates thank you for this with more than 10% raise!

Did you know that over 40% your online customers would leave feedback and to whom you could upsell more?

Solutions: Script-based widget/plugin during and after purchasing process, Embedded e-mails, Traditional Webforms, Mobile


Sell More Instantly With Instant Upselling

Offer your visitors and customers instant feeling-based offers based on the feedback they give

You can create different upsell or cross-sell offers based on positive, negative or neutral feedback. Feeling-based offers make sure your customers don't leave your store unhappy.

You can trigger offers from feedback widgets or from traditional online surveys

Automate offers and enjoy improved conversion rates!


Sell More After Purchase and Stop Basket Churn

Collect feedback from your purchasing customers what went well and what they were missing. At this point it's easy to sell them more based on what feedback they give you. Automate upsell offers after the purchase process is done with simple widgets and plugins.

You can also automate a questionary to customers that are intenting to leave your shop. We follow the mouse action of the people in the basket and give them a questionary if they show intentions to leave. Collect their email, and later on you will have change to winn them back!

All this takes only one minute set-up and there's no need for IT skills.

Include Feedback to Your Emails

Ask your potential customer what would they need or how you could make them purchase from you.

Or ask your purchasing customers feedback in all engage points of the customer journey.

This is also a great place to do upsell. With our algorithms the upsell is 50% more effective than a generic offer. This means more sales instantly!

Measure customer experience from multiple points within the customer journey.

Product delivered email

Statistic details

See CX analytics through customer journey

Collecting feedback would not have any value if the analytics and interpretations are off.

We have worked countless of hours and with hundreds of customers to create the most powerful dashboard for your needs.

With our dashboard you can easily get a glance of your trends or dig more deep to get actionable insights through the whole customer journey.

Whether you want to have a glance of one spot or the whole journey, our dashboard provides.

It is time to push the conversions up!

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