Feedbackly for E-commerce

Customer satisfaction benchmark

First, you will need to set a customer satisfaction benchmark across your entire website. Identify the area you'd like your customers to evaluate, and create your survey.

Set custom triggering parameters to target your surveys to the right people. Target a certain percentage of users, specific pages, trigger by time spent on page, and more.

Your corner window survey will appear only when and where you want it.


Targeted satisfaction tracking

Does your website need work? What about your product selection? Don't make any changes before you know exactly what your customers are thinking.

You have the freedom to choose when, where, and how your popup surveys are triggered on your website.

The triggering parameters are set within the Feedbackly dashboard. No coding experience.

View the data in your dashboard and make the necessary improvements. Rinse and repeat.


Identify pain-points in during checkout

You can embed your surveys anywhere on your website. This means that you can seamlessly collect feedback without managing popup or corner window widgets.

This makes collecting feedback after a transaction effortless. No login, no navigating away from your website, no hassle.

Feedback data is stored as soon as one question has been answered, even if the survey is not completed.


Create loyal customers

Follow-ups can serve many purposes. You can set up an automated email to send in response to negative feedback which could contain an upsell offer, or some other incentive to fix the damage.

Or you could simply send a survey straight to your recent customer's email inboxes to gauge the quality of your checkout process.

The respondent doesn't even have to leave their email client to answer the first question! How's that for seamless integration?

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Intuitive survey editor

Create comprehensive and visually stunning customer surveys.

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Remote management

Publish and manage your surveys from anywhere in the world.

analyze your data

Advanced feedback analytics

Our industry-leading analytics tools are second to none.

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Multichannel distribution

Fully customized web integration, iPad surveys, email, SMS, and more!

The world's best customer feedback management tool

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