If you’ve been following our blog in the last few weeks, you’ll know that today is the day. Feedbackly has received its biggest update ever, and it’s available now. Just log in or sign up to explore the new Feedbackly. If you’re curious about what has changed, check out our last blog post.

Here is a very brief summary of what’s new:

  • Publishing surveys is faster and easier
  • Deriving conclusions from analytics is more straightforward
  • Some functionality has been combined with others to remove information bloat
  • New summary page gives you a new way to track customer experience KPIs
  • Updated User/Team MGMT
  • Creating and launching surveys has a brand new workflow
  • “Per question” survey analytics
  • New Customer Journey Builder
  • Improved website integration
  • New workflows for email and SMS surveys
  • And lots, lots more…

We think it’s best if you just try it out for yourself.. so log in or sign up right now!

Evely Kaasiku

Evely is Feedbackly’s Marketing Manager. She is responsible for all the communication at Feedbackly. She is a real queen of numbers and tables at her work. In her free time, she likes orienteering – running with a map and compass in forests around the world. In fact, she belongs among the best orienteers in the world.

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