The All-New Feedbackly Is Launching on November 8th

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We’re very excited to announce that the all-new Feedbackly will launch on November 8th. (In 11 days to be exact!) We’ve been working on this project for more than a year, so we’re especially excited to explain in more detail exactly what you can expect from the new Feedbackly.

Let’s start at the foundation. Our developers have completely rebuilt Feedbackly with new software architecture. This means that the new Feedbackly is faster, more responsive, more stable, and more secure than ever before.

From a user interface design perspective, the new Feedbackly has undergone a dramatic facelift. Not only from a purely aesthetic perspective but also from a workflow perspective. It was very important for us to maintain the ease of use of Feedbackly while improving and optimizing workflows. In other words:

  • Publishing surveys is faster and easier
  • Deriving conclusions from analytics is more straightforward
  • Some functionality has been combined with others to remove information bloat
The new Feedbackly design. This is the new survey analytics view, which shows you feedback data on a per-question basis.


A New Way to Track Customer Experience KPIs

Feedbackly’s Summary page has always been the default screen to check in order to see your main customer experience KPIs. It has now been updated to include a daily NPS graph along with an all new design. The filters have also been updated and can now filter data for each specific survey. Below your KPIs, a new touchpoint ranking list lets you see your top performing touchpoints by number of responses and average satisfaction.

The new Summary page.


User/Team Management

Team management has changed radically. We have built a new organization structure builder where you can build your organization structure by inviting and assigning users to predefined teams. New users can be assigned different access levels defined by roles.

Here are listed the roles the users can have:

  • Viewer: Can view results that have been collected with touchpoints that belong to the team. Surveys are read-only and cannot be launched on any channels.
  • Editor: Has the rights of a viewer and can create touchpoints, web plugins, email lists etc. Can also create surveys and launch them in the channel.
  • Admin: Can invite more users to the team and assign them roles. Can edit the organization structure (but only downwards from the highest team they are admin in).
Build your organization structure and assign users to predefined teams.

Creating And Launching Surveys

The Survey creation workflow has been improved to give you more control. When creating a survey, you can choose the organizational team in which to create the survey. Surveys can also be categorized by “tags”, this means you can view data only for surveys which include one or more tags. There is also an enhanced view for the survey launch schedules.


New Survey List View


Survey “Per Question” Analytics

The survey analytics page has more options than before. In the new survey analytics page, a user can select the survey she wants to look more deeply. You can select the date range, surveys, touchpoints, and metadata that you want to analyze, and a series of question blocks will appear. You can then click on a question block to analyze it in more detail. Export your data as a PDF file and share it with your team.

Survey questions appear in block format and can be expanded for a closer look.


Customer Journey Mapping

Undoubtedly the biggest new feature is the new Customer Journey Builder. This brand new tool allows you to build dynamic customer journey maps for each key business area. You can define the stages of your customer journey and assign KPIs to each stage. You can (and in fact are encouraged) to create customer journey maps for each key business area. The data you collect updates dynamically which means that as feedback data rolls in, your customer journey maps become more an more accurate.

The Customer Journey Builder is the best way to get a full 360° view of your organizations CX performance.


Improved Website Integration

We’ve updated the survey triggering parameters so you now have more control over who sees a survey on your website and how they see it. In addition, now you only need to install the Feedbackly script on your site via Google Tag Manager or by asking your dev team, and that’s it. No more adding scripts for each survey.

Feedbackly’s survey triggering parameters are now more comprehensive than ever.


Separate Workflow for Email and SMS surveys.

We realized that sending surveys via Email and SMS shouldn’t be shoehorned into the same workflow as other touchpoints. This is because by their nature, they are campaigns in the sense that once they are sent, they cannot be altered. That’s why we’ve created an entirely new “campaign-style” workflow for email and SMS surveys. You can now upload CSV or Excel files of contacts, control the visual design of your campaigns, and use shortcodes for personalization. Most importantly you can see historical delivery, open and response rates to help you optimize conversion for future campaigns.

Our new email survey campaign builder


More information to come on launch day (November 8th). Reach out to us here for more information.

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