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Customer feedback helps businesses view their brand from a customer’s perspective. You get a better understanding of the strengths and pain points through them. Surveys are one of the best ways to gather customer feedback promptly. Asking the right questions in your survey is vital to get the most useful responses from customers. Create simple and straightforward questions that customers can respond to easily.

In order to help you design surveys better, we have provided a list of popular yet ever-so-useful feedback questions that you can ask your customers! 

1. What is the emotion that best specifies how you feel about this interaction? And why? 

Understanding customer emotions is one of the best ways to optimize customer experience and leverage your business towards success. They are a direct, accurate portrayal of how customers feel about your business. It provides a lot of room for you to understand customers’ requirements and evoke the right emotions. So, this question in your EVI® survey can be super useful. You can customize this question to fit one specific touchpoint or capture the overall customer journey

2. Does this product solve your problem? 

We think this feedback question is crucial for start-ups. The ultimate reason for the existence of any business is to solve a persistent problem in the market. If your product or service fails to do it effectively, you need to think again. This question with an open-ended ‘why’ can help you understand why your product is/is not a good problem solver. You can improve it from there! 

3. How easy was it to find the product/service you were looking for?

If your customers have to put in a lot of effort to search, browse, and find products, it indicates a serious issue. Today, customers prefer a seamless and quick service from businesses. This question can help you identify if there’s an issue with the website design, website navigation, product descriptions, sales support, etc. If your products aren’t easily accessible, customers won’t come back. It can affect the retention rates.

4. How satisfied are you with our products/services/brand?

While this popular C-SAT question is often blamed for its lack of context and subjective answers, it is still useful to gain an overall idea. You can use it both on the micro and macro level. If the majority of responses indicate a neutral or negative answer, it is a concerning issue. You can analyze your customer journey again, recognize existing pain points, and resolve them.

5. How likely are you to use our service again?

The question aims to assess your customer’s loyalty. If customers are impressed with their first purchase experience and find your products useful, they are more likely to come back again. If they have encountered many pitfalls along the buying journey, they might look for another alternative. Customers can also raise their concerns here, providing businesses with the much-need insight into what they can do better.

6. How likely are you to recommend us to others?

If your customers are very satisfied with your brand, they are more likely to recommend it to others. The only way to know is to ask them! Include this question in post-purchase surveys to gauge customer satisfaction and identify your advocates. It can help you calculate the NPS score and understand if your business is providing an impressive experience to clients. 

7. Is there any way we could improve our service?

The question can be phrased in many ways, but ultimately, it tries to detect problems that customers commonly face during the journey. It can be an issue that you might have overlooked but is important for customers. An open-ended, receptive question like this provides customers with more freedom to express their views on your brand. It also helps you understand the traits and expectations of your customer persona better.

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