Free Webinar: How to use automation throughout the customer journey to boost profits

Marketing automation

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Free Webinar: How to use automation throughout the customer journey to increase profits

Join this CX Forum webinar to learn how to use marketing automation to turn your customer feedback into revenue throughout your entire customer journey.

More than ever before people are used to getting what they want now. The pace of life is getting faster and this also has an impact on how your customers behave and what they expect from you. The only way to engage with your customers at the correct time and place, and therefore provide them with a personalized Customer Experience is to use marketing automation.

We have been invited to talk at a CX Forum webinar about how to do it the right way. At this webinar, Jaakko from Feedbackly and Johanna from APSIS will show you how you can use marketing automation to collect as well as use your customer feedback. Nowadays, marketing automation has become an essential part of a CX infrastructure.

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In this webinar you will learn:

  • Why and how to use marketing automation as part of your CX infrastructure
  • How to use marketing automation to drive business and engage your customers throughout the customer journey
  • How to automate the measurement of the entire customer journey
  • Practical examples of how to utilize customer experience data at different points of the customer journey to maximize profits


Date: Wednesday, June 1
Time: 9 AM EDT (UTC -4)/4 PM EEST (UTC +3)
Running time: 45 min

Can’t join in real-time? No worries, sign up and you’ll receive a recording afterward!

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About the speakers:

Sales and CX Professional, Regional Sales Director @ APSIS

Johanna is a sales professional with a passion for people and customer success enablement. She has long experience in sales, customer success management, and business development in various industries from logistics to network marketing and pharmaceuticals, and the past decade working with sales in different positions within the digital marketing software industry.

Awarded CX leader, Founder, Researcher, CEO @ Feedbackly

Jaakko is a startup entrepreneur and an internationally awarded CX professional. Jaakko is a founder and CEO of Feedbackly, co-founder of CX Academy and CXforum, and the author of the CX handbook The Journey. He also is one of the developers of the Emotional Value Index (EVI®) measurement framework and a global front-runner in Emotional Experience.


This webinar is brought to you by CXforum, Carepage, Feedbackly, and APSIS.


Enjoy your free recording: 

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