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As we want to help you to make most out of our service, we’ve created Customer Experience Academy to guide you through the essentials. This time we’ll check out what you actually can find when you are logged in and tell you what to do with all the information you’ve collected. In short, we´ll see how to use your dashboard to analyze the feedback.


Dashboard gives you an overall view of all the feedback you’ve collected in the last days from all the different channels you may be using. This is also the page you land too when logging in.

This is an especially useful page if you have multiple locations and you want to get a quick overview of how things have been going recently. You can for example see who are the top performers within your organization and who are not.


Results page shows you a view summing up the feedback of each question on a sprcified survey and time period. You can choose what time period, which questions and what channel you want to look at – or you can simply choose to see them all at once. One cool thing is the possibility for you to filter all feedback based on an individual answer.

Feedback list

Feedback list gives you a detailed view to every single feedback you’ve collected. It shows time and date of each feedback as well as specific answers to every question a respondent has answered.

You can export results as Excel, CSV or PDF-file to further analyze them or to import them to your other systems.

Important: Collecting feedback is important only if you use it. We have made it easy for you to check out your performance. This gives you the tool to actually change how things are and improve on the areas that are behind. Improve your surveys to dig deeper to the things you are interested in and communicate the feedback to your employees and customers. Employees get motivated when they see their feedback and customers become more committed when they know you appreciate their opinion. This is where our service turns into money in your pockets.

Don’t just ask – ask so you can change your business for the better.


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