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As we want to help you to make most out of our service, we’ve created Customer Experience Academy to guide you through the essentials. This is the Third part where we discuss what does it mean to run multichannel CX measurement!

Usually our customer base is fragmented into different segments based on how they communicate with us or with brands in general. So if we would collect feedback or customer experience data only with one method we would reach only one specific group. If you draw conclusions based on that data about your whole business, it´s not necessarily taking you in the right direction.

Times have changed, we cannot decide the channels and methods of our communications ourselves anymore. The set of channels is getting wider by the day and the field is more fragmented than ever. This creates even bigger challenges for listening to your customer. With this I mean, that even our type of businesses set limitation (and possibilities) for the collection of customer data,. E.g. if you run an ecommerce, it would not be usefull to use a feedback kiosk right? Pretty straight forward but you got the point. As a result we are going to have to be able to create a mix of channels (very similar with your marketing mix) to measure your customers experience.

Here are few examples how you can harvest the data from your customers!

Many of our retail customers use the Feedbackly Terminal to collect their high volume feedback. In addition most of them use our website plugin to measure the efficiency of their eCommerce processes and to grow their marketing list. Maximizing conversion rates and ability to sell more are rising in importance while it enhances your bottom line straight away. In the end of the customer journey their customers might also receive an automated and user experience optimized email where the questions are straight in the email form. Our latest channel in retail is the credit and debit card payment devices. After you have made your payment the payment device itself asks you few simple questions about your visit. Of course it is not possible to get qualitative data but as a high volume quantitative this is a killer method!

If you are running an eCommerce, there are a lot of different tools to analyze observational data and product reviews but very few that you can efficiently use to collect customer feedback. With Feedbackly you can determine which part of the purchasing process you want to measure. Before the purchase if your potential customer tries to leave a popup will appear and ask if they found what they came looking and you can even offer some perks to keep them shopping. So don’t lose any shopping carts anymore! You can set the feedback to appear in any part of the process so next place for fast and easy feedback is after your purchase process. Your customers simply lets you know how to enhance the process and how to pump up your conversions. Finally when they receive their product they have a chance to give feedback about their product via QR code in their receipt and after some time they receive an automated email from where we ask feedback about the whole experience and sell a bit more and try to make them return to our webshop. Everything automated, you just need to decide which parts of the process you want to enhance, or just do all of them.

If you have a solid customer base and you know e.g. their mobile number and email, what would be better than automatically send an SMS with a link to super easy and fast feedback service which they also love to use! This is something that especially car dealerships, hospitals and many B2B companies use. We ourselves send a short and easy survey, that takes 30 seconds to answer, time to time to our customer with our own email tool.

Do you or does your company have a website? Well most of us have. There are websites for various goals but they have one thing in common, usually we have no idea what the people in the website are thinking. Would you like to know? If they are my potential customers I would sure like to know. With a website embedded piece of questionnaire or our easy to use plugin you can ask anything from your website visitors. I for example use it to collect emails for my marketing list, know what my visitors think about my offerings and my pricing. To use this method, you can also survey your customers inside your SaaS or Mobile App.

Last but definitely not least, let’s not forget the good and old web forms. Believe it or not these are still very useful sometimes. When you need a bit more information about an event, product or e.g. markets the old method is very useful. We have also reinvented the web form survey so it would be as easy and delightful as possible for your customers. This piece is usually additional feature that our customers use together with other channels.

Now I have thrown out some ideas, but to do all this in practice, see our article on “How to manage multichannel CX measurement” or ask more from our CX experts. We would be happy to share more ideas with you! We have put together a free customer experience assessment for everyone that is interested. We look into your CX processes and help you with your analytics for free!

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