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As we want to help you to make most out of our service, we’ve created Customer Experience Academy to guide you through the essentials. This is the first part where we discuss shortly why it is important to ask feedback!

Why ask for feedback?

When you ask your customers to give you feedback on your product or service, you’re going to learn what they like and don’t like about it. Once you know what is working, you can tweak things to better serve your customers. Ultimately, this will lead to better business, better sales, and a better customer experience (which starts the loop all over again!).

As a bonus, you make your customers feel important and involved by asking them to provide you with feedback.

How to ask for feedback? 

Keep it short and concise – you are collecting customer feedback, not doing market research. If you want to get quality answers from your customers, it’s critical that you ask only a few key questions. 

We highly recommend to put an open ended question to the end. About 15-20 % of respondents usually give open ended feedback. This will give you new points-of-view on subjects that might not have even crossed your mind.

Let’s publish a survey now

Let’s get started with publishing a new survey. In the Survey-section of our dashboard, you can easily create surveys that are easy to answer and can be distributed to all the channels where you interact with your customers in the blink of an eye.

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