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Do you know when your customer leaves satisfied or when there is a high risk that the negative feedback starts to spread on social media? Did you know that it is six times more likely that your customers will tell others about the bad experience he or she had than recommend your service? If you want to build a successful customer experience and create the product even better and more valuable, why would you trust to a hunch? Let’s get back to customer experience basics!

Global competition becomes fiercer by the day. You have no other choice than to listen to your customer and as quickly as possible, faster than your competitors, take this information to your business!. Already Steven Blank said: “The difference between the winning startups and Those Who Lose Is that the winners understand why customers buy. The losers never do.”

So do you actually know what are your customers need, desire and what problem you are solving? Do you know why your customers buy from you? When is the last time you honestly asked from your customer why he or she came to you or how was their experience? And it is not enough to do it once or twice. Measuring needs to be persistent, determined, and continuous. Nor is it enough that you ask from a single customer but you will need to ask each customer group in all relevant channels – in real-time. Measure how you actually perform and not just because someone told you to do so. This way you have a change to improve. More sales for happier customers – isn’t it what we all want?

Set your goals

Just to measure the customer experience, gathering feedback and listening to customers is not enough to come up top as a winner. Continuous measurement is an important step, but only one part of the process. Begin on exactly what you want to measure and what metrics you need to monitor reach these goals. Also consider how are you going to take the information and analysis straight to your organisation without delay. These best practices of course vary by organization and by sector, but a good way to start is to make the data public throughout the organization, so that everyone can strive to develop in their daily activities according to the data.

Be sure to ask

The old saying “If You Don’t Ask, You Don’t Get” is still true. If you don´t ask the customer to tell you about their problems or desires, rarely they tell you them. Actually, on average companies hear only about 4% of all problems that dissatisfied have when they don´t ask for feedback. (Understanding Customers, Ruby Newell-Legner). So if you even ask, you are much further than most of the companies!

This is a process that requires attention from the whole organization and it cannot be implemented straight from top to bottom. You need to work with the people who works with your customers and find the important key metrics that tell you what to improve and how to do that. When you understand your customer better you can offer them more service or products that they actually need, you are able target your marketing resources more efficiently or even motivate your employees to sell more. Resulting more dollars in your bank account. And all this – just by asking.

We are committed to drive more sales through better and more insightful customer data and feedback. If you have any ideas, please do collaborate and get in touch! If you are looking for a software to help you in measuring customer experiences we can help on that!  If you haven’t yet, start your free trial now!

– Markus

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