Covid-19 CX salvage package


At this time of change, businesses need to keep in regular contact with their customers and

stay connected to their communities. So, we’re increasing certain limits on our service until end of June 2020. What we did is we created a CX Salvage package for the companies in our network including:

  • 90% off from our CX Academy courses
  • Discounted software prices for Feedbackly
  • A new Book freebie (Yep, a real 300-page book – The Journey)
  • Free consultation session

To get your free package just subscribe to the right. No spam or anything else, we just want to help you to navigate through the crisis with your customer experience!


Best, Feedbackly Team

What will I get?

For this reason, we think that companies absolutely should not stop their CX activities but we also realize that now the possibilities to invest is lower than ever, so we put together you a package that will help you to navigate through Covid-19 situation. These are our handover to you because we need to get through this.

The CX Academy 90% off!

Now is the best time to study and plan ahead. But we also realize that now it is tough to invest! For that reason, we temporarily reduced the price of our CX academy basic course by 90%! You can read more about the course here and get your discounted package by subscribing above!

Feedbackly software with a crazy discount!

Yep, you heard it. If you stop listening to your customers now, you won’t make it through the crisis and if you do, you are lost right after. To help you out for this we have created special pricing for the Covid-19 time for new customers. When you sign up for your package we’ll share the new discounted pricing for you as well. PS. and we are not talking about some 25% discounts but a real deal!

We give you the book – for free!

Just as with the CX Academy, if you stop learning now, that is the worst option. This book The journey – How to create the happiest customers in the world has been in the process for years and it is based on millions of data points from thousands of customers. The retail price of the book will be around 35€ / 40$ but you will have it as an unpublished version! I’m taking a risk here but we need to push forward – together!

Free consultation

We offer a half an hour free CX consultation with our CEO Jaakko Männistö or Head of Sales Markus Räipiö. Both of them seasoned CX professionals and in addition, Jaakko is the author of the book The Journey – How to create the happiest customers in the world and an award-winning CX professional. If you need any assistance regarding the Covid-19 in your CX efforts, just book yourself a spot.

So how to get all this awesomeness?

Just Navigate yourself to the top of the page and drop your information and we will be in touch right away with all the information you need!

Stay safe!

With love,

Jaakko Mänistö
CEO / Feedbackly

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