As a CX professional, you are responsible for the whole organization in a way. It might sound weird but simply put, if your company starts losing customers due to poor customer satisfaction and loyalty, you and your colleagues could be out of a job. According to Forrester, CX professionals who are not able to prove the value of CX will lose their jobs even though the number of CX leaders is growing. Because of this, you are forced to do your homework before things start to go wrong.


But how and where should the homework be done? Today, there are many channels where you can find information. You can learn multiple things online. How to play the piano or to renovate your home by yourself (not suggesting you do that though!). These channels exist, and without doubt, there are some videos that can be helpful. But when it comes to customer experience and learning, it is almost impossible to be sure, which are the right channels for proper CX training.


We have identified this issue, and we want to help your CX learning through our CXAcademy. We want to provide a high-level customer experience course that gives you a comprehensive education on the subject. Forrester says that if you try to take a shortcut in CX, you could find ‘that it’s a dead end.’ But this CX course helps you to achieve your CX related business goals by offering specific knowledge, skills and tools. There is also an opportunity to complete a CX certificate that gives recognition of your skills. 


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Jaakko Männistö

Jaakko is an award-winning CX professional and entrepreneur at Feedbackly, founder and community professional at the biggest entrepreneurial digital community in Finland – Yrittäjä.io. He is a notorious keynote speaker from entrepreneurial stories to day to day human communications and customer experiences.

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