5 ways to turn positive feedback into sales through marketing

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All great sales representatives and marketing managers worth their salt know the significance of feedback and how it helps them with future sales. In any case, most people tend to concentrate on the pessimistic instead of the constructive, and organizations are the same: they invest the lion’s share of their energy tending to client complaints and negative criticism.

In all actuality, positive and negative criticism both affect sales, however taking advantage of your positive input can yield superb results for all that really matters. You really can transform that client compliment, positive rating or feedback into more income for your organization. Here are 5 ways to begin:

1. Get Customers to Leave Feedback and Reviews

The first step in transforming positive feedback into tangible dollars is to bridge the gap between a client’s compliment and your site. Clients may enjoy using your item, however you should offer them an avenue to tell you, or the only profit you’ll make is the individual satisfaction of work well done. The greatest test you’ll face in this field is making the review and customer feedback process simple and convenient. Clients ordinarily wouldn’t fret pausing for a moment to leave criticism, however in the event that they need to go through too many hoops or hold up too long, they’ll choose it’s not worth their time. On the off chance that you put the energy into making a speedy, simple way for your clients to leave input, odds are they will soon supply you with glowing reviews.

2. Handle Reviews Properly

With a specific end goal to profit by positive feedback, you should have the capacity to get the information for all that its worth. And very frequently, online studies and polls are not designed with advertising and marketing in mind. As opposed to just utilizing the information you accumulate to look at your organization from within, task that information outwards and use it to fortify your marketing campaigns. You can do this by not just highlighting what clients have called your attention to as the most enjoyed parts of your business, however periodically by specifically citing them e.g. in your ad copy.

3. Display User Feedback on Your Website

Whether it’s criticism on how garments fit, or acclaim for an customer service experience, you need to demonstrate to the world that your business is easy to use and alluring by posting client reviews on your site.  A buyer will not trust the copy on your product descriptions, but rather they will probably work with you if a past client gives positive input.

4. Advertise Other Sites’ Positive Reviews of Your Business

Much like posting client reviews on your own website, publicizing your business’ success with review sites, for example, Yelp and Angie’s List can be an extraordinary approach to boostyour sales.  Along with encouraging and advertising customer reviews on your own website, research what different platform exist and urge clients to leave review anywhere and wherever you can get them. At that point, when they do, reviews on your own website as well. It’s a successful cycle that has been demonstrated helpful in driving sales.

5. Harness Social Media

Similarly, ensure you are taking full favorable position of social media. Facebook might be the way to opening your positive feedback potential. The reason positive review is so compelling on social media platforms like Facebook is that it catches the force of testimonial advertising. So the easiest way to get started is a regular post to your social media accounts of your feedback and reviews. This way you will also create transparency, loyalty and therefore more paying customers. Make your feedback work for you like a jungle drum!

So take an ideal opportunity to create and support a relationship with your clients – it will yield result. At the point when the client is your main focus, your business will be going in the right course.

– Jaakko

CEO, Founder

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