Why is it important to measure customer satisfaction?

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More organizations are utilizing online surveys as a method of capturing satisfaction feedback from their customers. Propels in innovation in the course of recent years have made it exceptionally savvy to gather a lot of information on a constant basis. Furthermore, organizations are starting to hop onto the temporary fad to accumulate their customer experience data. In any case, in the event that it isn’t done well, you can without much of a stretch wind up with poor results that don’t generally bolster the vital or operational choices that you set out to benefit from in any case.

The nature of customers is that they want service that’s most convenient for them and they anticipate and expect consistency in their service experience across all channels. This includes in-store, online, catalog, and via mobile application. Companies may meet the customer’s expectations by providing purchasing opportunities in these diverse ways; however, the customer experiences vary because these channels commonly function independently rather than as a cohesive culture. There are many ways and countless different KPIs to measure but still one of the most important is the simple one – customer satisfaction. Make sure you take preventive measures to ensure a positive customer experience from all angles and enhanced customer satisfaction. Companies that do that and wholeheartedly focus on the customer satisfaction usually enjoy these benefits:

  • Reduced churn among customers and employees
  • More predictable revenues
  • Less advertising expense
  • Lower new customer acquisition costs
  • Noticeably better internal alignment
  • More unsolicited referrals
  • Greater brand awareness

For all these reasons, companies that deliver higher customer satisfaction operate more profitably than others in their category. Great experiences don’t just happen and PowerPoint presentations alone can’t make them a reality! They occur when all functions of the operation align with one another to achieve the outcomes your customers seek.

Design of your higher customer satisfaction starts with understanding what your customers care about most. Understanding which promises are most important to your customers, then aligning your organization to make and keep them, is the leader’s most important role. When what the customers want most is what the business does best, the ‘rising tide effect’ kicks in and everyone benefits and you will create more satisfied customers.

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– Jaakko

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