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When Feedbackly was initially built the founders knew they wanted to grow and flourish the company in a very open way. We always thought that through open discussion and flexibility, people can more easily flourish as they feel more respected and they are able to take control of their own lives. We have always encouraged everyone to also keep remote days but respectively we have always tried to create our office to be a place where everyone wants to be and enjoys.

As we grew, the way we worked came quite fast to be known as the Feedbackly way – Thursday with team meetings and drinks wraps the week and gives everyone the possibility to see each other and catch up! Next steps are to take the model global with multiple offices globally!

Feedbackly vision and core values

Before we, or anyone, can build a great working global team, there are some core values and our shared vision that we look after.

We build our vision on one simple old idealogy: Happy vs. Unhappy. The battle of good and evil goes through the entire scenery from the time when people started telling stories to the thickest plots of 21st century Hollywood movies. The line up is always the same, if you don’t have a happy ending in a story you feel hollow and like something was off. Everyone is in the pursuit of happiness from the day they walk to the day they take their last step.

Happiness seems to be a core need of our human existence.  But we have also found that in business happiness has a very important place. As it seems we buy with our feelings and that results to the fact that we buy up to 20% more if we are happy with service and the brand and our life cycle value to a brand is up to 17x higher! As we build the worlds only survey tool that turns CX into sales, our vision is to revolutionize customer experiences by making them easy and affordable to measure and accessible for everyone – above all, we want to turn CX into sales for all our customers. This said our vision is to create the happiest customers in the world at large scale for you!

Here are the core values that we work with:

1. Most committed WINS

We live in a world where competition is fierce and every idea is to build on execution. In everything we do, we think that most committed wins – this is true within our customers and in personal lives.

2. Always be HONEST & OPEN

We treat our clients as our own team.  And our team is the people we respect the most. We want to create more sales and prosperity for everyone.

3. Customer is the king but so are your employees.

Obviously – but still it needs to be reminded every now and then. This is what makes the difference between the good and great. “For who this should be easy – for us or for the customer?” After we have learned how to listen to our customers, we need to understand how our machine works. So listen and take care of your employees, that is one of the mantras. Then, they will create happy customers.

4. Success = personal + clients + organisation

We are successful as an organization when our people succeed. We are successful when our clients succeed. And we are successful when our closest stakeholders succeed. This why we do everything we can to make them successful.

5. Continuous LEARNING

Learn from your mistakes and ask for feedback – every day!

6. Always be CLOSING

We are a sales organization that wants to create value to its customer – to do that, we need to be able to sell. Above all – we are a sales organization.

7. Week starts at Thursday!

Well not really, but let me explain! We are a very goal and growth-oriented organization. Also we think that all great companies are built on great people and the interaction between them.  For these simple reasons, we would like to always see people together at least once a week. This happens every Thursday afternoon at 15.00 (pm) with some snacks, drinks and weekly run-through of what has been going on to keep everyone updated. Every week we have generally updated to keep everyone at the track, peek on how well we are on track with our strategy and everyone gets to update, discuss and ask. This lets everyone present what they have succeeded last week and ask they need help with something this week. You might wonder the time? Yep, it is not the most usual one, but we just don’t like mornings! Well no, it is of course about the time difference as we want our offices from the Americas to join at the same time with us in Helsinki.

Working Hours

At the end of the day, we pretty much don’t care nor do we manage what hours you work. We want our team to be flexible to work at the time they are most inspired and can be the most productive while also maintaining a work/life balance that makes sense for them.

We are focused on accountability more so than working hours. If you get things done and get results, we really don’t care how you did it! We, of course, expect each member to work at least 40 hours per week and if the work requires, e.g. sales, some specific hours but if the work is done at night it really doesn’t matter to us so long as you get your job done and do good work.

Internal Communication

We use Slack to communicate with each other daily. Each business unit has also their unique way of working but slack keeps us together we have channels for all of our business units. This is a critical part of our internal communications as it’s the top way we are able to chat with each other when not in an office. Instead of water cooler talk, we have a random chat at the random channel. Instead of popping our heads over a cubicle, we make custom emoticons of each other and have fun with them.

We think that people need to have fun and in a weird way, we have even our own emoticons from memes to Monday morning greetings! Above all, we are a very flat organization where everyone push towards shared goals.

Employee Brands

It’s important to note that this is less about the company and more about the people who work in it. Everyone needs to grow and progress. This is one of the big reasons why we want to help you as a person and a brand to grow. In the future the ones who has the strongest personal brands win. We have created a very unique personal branding academy for all our employees regardless of their position in the company. We encourage and teach them how they can be seen as professionals in the market and grow their networks. People who work with us can take advantage of this throughout their whole lives.

Company Meetups

At least once per month, we organize a company meets up where we can all get together and have a little fun as well as we learn from each other. Every Time our CEO gives a small review where we are going and current important topics but the most time we use learning from each other and what is important. Everyone gets to teach others about the things our people love from surfing to coding and how people talk in Lapland! You will never know what you will learn next time.

In addition that we usually kick back and enjoy some fun together by playing poker, going out for some sports or smashing some old retro video games. Whatever you can think of! We will continue to host at least one of these per month!

We believe that your culture is a huge part of your brand. We communicate with each other the way we communicate with our users – we want to make each other successful. We like to have fun, love to laugh, and flourish in hard work and quick achievements. We are fast-paced, work at strange hours across the world, and save time by avoiding commutes. We trust each other but in our organisation, you need to earn the trust through hard work and we are also in the constant competition which each other to push us even further.


– J

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