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According to an urban dictionary “A partner in crime” is defined as good friends who get in trouble together or get each other in trouble and laugh about it. Well that is exactly what we are looking for – someone we can get in trouble with, except when is say in crime I actually mean sell more!

This said we are looking for partners and resellers globally. We have built an unique Partner Program that provides our business partners with the tools they need to build a successful and profitable Software as a Service business.

If you want to offer your clients the world’s most powerful Customer experience and survey software that actually turns CX into instant sales, you might be our partner in crime! Our ideology is that when our partners bloom, we are also doing OK. Our unique partner program takes care that our partners and resellers drive more revenues and grow with us. All the customer are recurring revenue customers so we are able to offer you a recurring fee from these customers – every month.

There are multiple different choises on how we could partner up from affeliate deal to full breed sales partner who takes care of the whole partner relationship! It is up to you to tell us which model is best for you and your customers to grow with us.

But what is Feedbackly? Well I’m glad you asked! Feedbackly is the only survey tool in the world that turns the customer experience into instant sales. Truly an all-in-one tool for any survey or CX needs in multi-channel. Read all about our product and our partner programs here!

If you got interested, don’t hesitate to contact me e.g. via email or contact form.

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– Jaakko

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