Everything You Need to Know About Creating Surveys With Feedbackly

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There are so many different customer survey creation platforms available today, so why choose Feedbackly? In short, there is nothing seriously wrong with the functionality of most customer feedback tools. The problem is that they enable tactical customer feedback actions instead of strategic customer experience solutions. With Feedbackly, collecting customer feedback and data is one part of the overall customer experience strategy. Using Feedbackly, you can get actionable insight about your current customer experience situation, track your ROI with our advanced selling tools (the first of its kind), and enable all of your employees to work together to improve your company’s overall customer experience.

Feedbackly’s Unique Workflow

Feedbackly’s survey creation and deployment works differently than most other tools available today. From the ground up, Feedbackly is built for full scalability and customization. For this reason, survey creation and deployment is treated as unique operations even though they are integrated into 1 seamless process. The main reason for this workflow arrangement is that there are so many different ways in which you can deploy your surveys (channels), and we are always adding new ones. We want you to be able to deploy all of your surveys on any of your channels at any given time, and have the freedom to edit your surveys at any time.

From idea to deployment, you can get your survey in front of your customers in less than 5 minutes if you follow these steps:

1. Create your survey in the ‘Surveys’ tab of your Feedbackly dashboard. There are 6 different question types you can use, so make your survey as comprehensive or simple as you’d like!

2. Follow the steps and select the channel (where you would like to deploy the survey). You can choose to publish the survey in multiple places. If you do not see the channel you want to publish to, create a new one without leaving this page!

3. Each channel requires different setup parameters, so configure them in this step by clicking on each one of the channel tabs.

4. Review and publish! Your surveys are now live!

Survey Creation

Consider the Channel

The best surveys also act as a segmentation tool. This starts with the channel you publish it to. If you want to segment users by buying behaviour, you can create two survey channels. 1 that appears as an embedded form after checkout in your online store, and 1 that is shown on an iPad in your retail store. You can then easily filter these results in your Feedbackly dashboard by the feedback channel, and easily compare the difference in satisfaction levels. Of course, the applications are endless and can be applied to any industry, business model, and size of your company.

Make It Short

Keep your questions clear and concise. Avoid ‘loaded questions’ like “What did you like best about xyz?” – This assumes that they already liked it to begin with. The questions should be so easy to understand that there could be no way to misinterpret their meaning. Following these simple guidelines will result in more accurate and useable data.

Avoid Extraneous Questions

If a customer takes time out of their busy day to complete your survey, the least you could do is keep it as relevant as possible. Avoid asking very similar questions consecutively, following up on the minute details of a previous question, or asking overly specific questions that may only be relevant to a handful of customers. Your customers will thank you for it, and you’ll avoid the situational bias that may negatively skew their happiness due to momentary frustration.

Surveys Vs. Channels

Surveys are simple enough to understand. But often people have a hard time understanding the difference between a survey and a channel. Simply put, a survey is what you want to ask the customer, and a channel is where you show it to them. So when you create a survey (the what), you have the option to publish it on any one of your create channels. These include the Feedbackly iPad app to be used in a retail setting, our web popup to be published on your website, an email with an embedded survey, a direct link to your survey, an SMS message, and many more.

So if you haven’t guessed, there are many different ways in which you can put your survey in front of customers. That is why channels are created separately from surveys, because there is a huge amount of customization available for both surveys and channels. We wouldn’t want to overwhelm our users with all of these options!

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