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From time to time our customers and people ask me what is the thing that makes you different and better for your customers than your competition, let’s say e.g. Qualtrics?

There are no easy answers to these questions as there are such a large number of great companies out there. But for us specializing in customer experience for high volume retail and service, there are certain things that we are particularly proud of and can show that where we can drive additional value. Above all answering the question of why our customers use Feedbackly?

I could go on a rampage of telling all the aspects from the level of support and success we offer to the books we have written, but no! I have decided to select that one thing that our customers liked using Feedbackly when comparing to our competitors and open that up a little bit more. 

When comparing Feedbackly with Qualtrics, the analysis might be a tough one. The reason for that is that Qualtrics is as Feedbackly a substantial all-in-one tool. Now basically could be said that what Qualtrics can do, so can Feedbackly, the methods might be a bit different but the result eventually is the same. We have a couple of features that we can bold about like customer journey analytics and our upsells and reviews features but the biggest difference comes with the model we work with.

Feedbackly is all about being easy to use and scalable for every company size. With Feedbackly you can get started in 10 minutes whereas other similar tools take months to kickstart. Also, Feedbackly is always free to start so that you can try on your own and if you don’t want to, you don’t even have to talk to us – just start using. And when you decide to reach out, there is a world-class customer success team that has your back!

Every company has unique requirements for its customer experience strategy. We built Feedbackly to meet the most requested and highest value features for medium-sized companies to large enterprises. We compiled a features-matrix so you can see how Feedbackly stacks up against the competition for you to make the best choice! 

Hope this helped to open up how we stand out from the crowd! All the best!


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