How to Use Micro-surveys to Collect Customer Feedback?

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Here at Feedbackly, we specialize in automating collecting customer feedback data and making it to good use. This way we are also huge friends of micro-surveys. Micro-surveys are handy because they collect high-quality data and high-volume data at the same time.

Only thing is that you would need to get a bit more creative than just sending research links around so it might feel daunting. Also, many times you would require a lot of specific technologies to get it done which means costs! But don’t worry, we’ve listed the ideas for you so you don’t have to start from scratch!

Okay, here we go! Here are 7 ways how to rock with your micro-surveys.

In your email signature

This is an easy implementation and works like a charm. Add options for your customers to select right under your signature or just put a link saying “give feedback”.

Popup on your website

Your website is the place where your customers land when they evaluate your business or service. This is the place where you should definitely ask for feedback! The best ones are popups that work based on the behavior of your customers and not just random.

survey popup

Inside applications

If you want to go hardcore, you should ask for feedback inside your own mobile application! This is technically a bit more challenging but you will collect a ton of feedback when asking your customers directly where they are.


Good, old, and reliable. SMS still works. But make sure you keep the text copy short and that you use a link. People are hesitant to answer as they think it will pay for them. Another way is to use WhatsApp if you have had permission from your customers.

Via email

Of course, but not the traditional way. Incorporate the first question inside the email itself with an HTML template and see how the conversion skyrockets!

customer survey in email

Social Media

Surprisingly this works pretty well and people love to give feedback via social media so just take your survey and post it! You might be surprised how many people react. But remember to put effort into the post copy – it will make it or break it!

Your POS / Card reader device

Last but not least another a bit more technical. Implement a quick survey to your card machine when people pay! This way it is easy and quick for them. Also, you can attach payment data to the survey data. This makes the feedback data even more valuable!

customer survey in POS


Hope these gave you a bit of inspiration on how you could go for collecting data via micro surveys and further develop your business. Now the main point is never the channel nor the touchpoint but where your customers are and how they want to give the feedback. This is something that you should think about. Happy collecting!


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